life lately

Life Lately

Life has been good to me lately. Nothing really magical has happened but I do recognise the blessings and I am grateful. Besides, with what little I have, I am not going to complain about anything.

I recently (and finally!) got a decent writing job. I was really overwhelmed at first and I didn’t know how I would handle it. I even came to a point where I had a breakdown because everything felt too big for me to handle. I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. The bible verse “This, too, shall pass.” finally comes true for me. Not that it hasn’t before, but I have become more convinced now.

Going out meant trying out new restaurants and having a little more than caffeine fix than I need, or want, for that matter, considering that I have quit coffee a month ago and I no longer consider myself a coffee junkie. It seems like a big deal or a big step for me to take, but it honestly wasn’t. In a way, I just did it. And to be frank, not taking any more coffee didn’t make me feel more alive. Thus, I’ve believed that drinking coffee to stay awake is not true at all. You might as well drink an energy drink or a can of soda – that sure will kickstart your system, taking into account the amount of sugar packed in it.

Talking to a good friend after such a long time has also kept me sane for the last couple of days. And I learned a lot just from quick snippets of our conversations day by day.

I didn’t think I was capable of writing a lot and well until I actually did. In two days, I was able to write 10 articles with an average of 450 words each. Imagine.

in other news, I haven’t been going to gym and I feel sad I’m slowly slipping away from my motivation. I know it’s not an excuse, but since I got this writing position, I’ve been trying to adjust my body clock. It’s good though that it fits my household schedule perfectly.  I don’t need to wake up that early, and I finish work just in time for dinner prep. I still have an issue with sleeping at an appropriate time so the last thing I want is to wake up early to sweat and lift irons and whatnot.

I actually promised myself earlier to go to gym tomorrow morning before anything else, just so I can kickstart my day with a bang, and because I know I deserve it and i have to do it anyway to take care of my body. But oh my, how the tables have turned now.

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