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I have something to tell you.

I want to talk about my fitness journey.

To be completely honest, I’ve been feeling iffy about my blog lately. I feel like I’m focusing too much on traffic as opposed to authenticity. But how do you even balance everything out? How do you remain genuine with your posts while getting more traffic? Or how do you advertise your blog while staying true to your words? It’s like one way or another, you’re forced to choose one over the other. Too many times, I’ve thought of writing something completely random, but I stop myself and think, “That’s not even your niche“. And it saddens me that I’m starting to think that way because I started blogging with the purpose of expressing myself. It wasn’t my intention whatsoever to impress anyone or be known for being a blogger, but it seems to me that things are leading that way.

With all that out of the way, I want to talk about my fitness journey. As you’d know, I’ve always liked working out. It brings me that adrenaline rush, which makes me crave for more. To be honest, working out is addictive. Once you put it in your routine, it haunts you forever, but in a good way. I’ve had my fair share of highs and lows in my fitness journey, and I sure had more setbacks than what I wanted.

Once again, I feel the need to rise from the ashes and make a comeback. But this time, with a little twist. I want to make you my inspiration. Yes, you. Like you, who’s reading this right now. I want to make my readers my inspiration because it gives me a sense of purpose. I feel I’m doing something for a cause, that I am not being selfish with my decisions. I am not only doing this for me but for us.

Over the years that I’ve been blogging, I met amazing people who have unknowingly inspired me to keep pushing myself, to keep aiming for higher reps, and not stop just because I’m tired. Seeing other bloggers live – or even just attempt to have – a healthier lifestyle already makes me so damn proud. Imagine how much more fulfilling it would feel to do it with them, to have a community who has the same ultimate goal.

Today, I finally dusted off my trainers and went to the gym. I only went for a walk-in, but that’s still a good start in itself. Much to my surprise, I was able to run for 30 minutes when I used to last 10 minutes and already feel flushed and tired. I could have gone longer, but it said on the treadmill to limit usage to 20 to 30 minutes. It might have to do with utility expense concerns. Anyway, I thought running was too light, so I lifted some weights. Before I realize, I was hitting close to two hours in the gym, running included. I didn’t have caloric targets when I went, I just simply wanted to run.

I missed the adrenaline rush that came after running. I missed feeling wild on the treadmill. And I missed sweating. God, I missed sweating. You see, I sweat the most when I’m at rest. Imagine waiting at bus stops, resting after walking, arriving home after a commute – those are the times I sweat the most, and it’s so awkward and inconvenient, to say the least. As usual, I barely sweated when I ran, and started sweating while casually lifting weights. I know, it’s weird, but that’s me.

So again, I want to talk about my fitness journey. And I just want to let you know that I’m making a real comeback. Without my daily exercise, I feel lost, easily agitated, and lifeless. This is me speaking for others, as well. I want you to push yourselves. I want you to aim for 3km, 5km, or even 10km, because why the hell not? I want you to try and eat that salad even if you just want a Chicken Joy so bad. I want you to have that crazy adrenaline rush and crave for some more. I want you to do this for yourself because you want to be healthier, because you want to be fit and take the last flight of stairs without heaving, because you want to block off illnesses and save on hospital expenses.

This is also me asking for your help to continuously push me. I need help and I’m finally admitting it. I’m tired of counting my setbacks like the number of times I go to the gym. I’m tired of neglecting my health for temporary pleasures like Chicken Joy or that extra rice because minsan lang naman.

I am feeling sore right now. My back is aching from the lateral pulldowns I did earlier. I’m extremely sleepy because working out drains the hell out of me. But I am happy. I’m happier than tired because I accomplished something. Two things, actually. I worked out, and I was able to write this blog post.

I’m ending this with references to my previous fitness-related blog posts because one way or another, I want you to know my story.

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  • Iris @ Earth Love Skin

    Love the tips! Fitness is really what I call (to me) a “preferential need”. It’s the only need in your life that you could control and choose. Whether it’s a health scare or a personal intuition, they’re both choices.

    Reading this makes me want to train running again. But sadly I injured my shins so I’m resting them for a while. Also, every time I come home to Cavite my diet goes out of the window. Living alone in Alabang, I’m able to eat what I want when I want – salads, soups, etc.

    Sadly, it also comes with expensive organic choices. Alabang isn’t the cheapest city, but it’ll treat you well if you budget properly. Still working on the last one.

    About niche, I know you can find intersection on both things you love and things that can get you paid and have traffic. I can help you if you like. 🙂 I’d love another date when we can afford it – for now, we can brainstorm online. I hope that helps.

    Wow I really gave my all on this comment.

    Auf Widersehen!


      That’s a different way to look at it. I guess maybe that’s why I like working out – I’m in control. I call the shots. Speaking of which, I just started running again and it feels so good!

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