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When in Baguio City

Last Saturday, March 21, my family and I went to Baguio City to celebrate mom’s 50th birthday. She just came back from Cebu for work and she’s been gone for two weeks. They were required to work from 8 pm to 8 am since they were working with a call center client. It was the perfect time for her to unwind. And I could also use a little nature-break myself.

We left at 9 in the morning. Prior to our departure, I woke up really early, at 5 o’clock am to be exact, prepared my stuff and showered. By 6 am, I was already up and about but my family wasn’t. Mom was still busy supervising our help with the stuff that she needs to pack (i.e. kitchen utensils, food). I felt so bored for some reason so I decided to watch Wild to kill time. Halfway through the movie and I was already feeling devastated. That film is so dragging and depressing.

Our drive was shorter, thanks to the newly built expressway. Instead of driving 4 hours or so all the way to Urdaneta, it only took us 2 hours, and another hour for the zigzagged road. I’ve been to Baguio for about 20 times already and I can never differentiate Marcos highway from Kennon Road, so let’s just skip that part.

Rambo, our revo, suddenly got bonkers when its air-conditioning unit decided to stop running. We stopped by the nearest car repair shop in town but the guys there couldn’t fix our simple car dilemma so we decided to roll down our windows for the entire trip and have it fixed when we get back to Manila.

Baguio City is known for its cool, refreshing weather, but for some reason my body disagreed. I felt hot during the entire trip that I even sweated enough like I was just in Manila. It was insane! Not to mention very frustrating. Warm weather doesn’t (and never will) do me any good. All it does is make me cranky and whiney and be a party pooper. I am never up for something when it’s hot. It’s just too much for me to bare.

Moving on, our first stop was the Bloomingdale Hotel, which is right across SM City Baguio, but it was already fully booked, so we moved on to Casa Vallejo, another hotel we rented a few years ago. We got a room that was big enough for the six (mama, manong, me, Estong, kuya, Lyn) of us, After putting down our bags in the hotel room and unpacking some, we went out again to walk around and have our merienda. We ditched the car and walked all way to Session Road. Mom bought some bread from Dane’s Bakeshop while kuya and I had some Rumours Shawarma. I’d say it was one of kuya’s all-time favorites, judging from the way he talks about it non-stop. Sadly, it didn’t taste that special to me, partly because I have no point of comparison as I’m not fond of eating shawarma.

It was so hot and we were about to return to the hotel when they decided to have pizza at the last minute. To my dismay, it was even hotter inside the restaurant and sweat was dripping from my forehead to the sides of my face. It was really depressing. I may be exaggerating here but it’s really too much for me. It must have been the sauce but the pizza kinda tasted weird. I overhead kuya asking mom if she could taste the wine in the sauce, so it must be where the weird taste was coming from. Kuya was looking at the table next to us and he noticed these ladies having a brownie dessert. We ordered one and shared it. It’s called the Choco Vanilla Affair. Basically it was like a mix of brownie and molten cake with a vanilla ice-cream on top. It was too sweet for me but the sweetness was balanced by the cold ice-cream. It was the perfect blend of hot and cold.

After eating, we went bak to the hotel room, showered, and made ourselves comfortable. Mom was knackered so she took a nap while kuya tapped on his phone and I tried to finish reading my book. Come 8 pm, mom woke up and told kuya and me to go to SM and buy us all dinner. When we got our food, we waited for Estong in the mall so we could all go back to the hotel together. He was supposed to attend a 1-5pm event but decided against it. He took a bus from Manila and got to Baguio the same time that kuya and I were at the mall.

We went back to the hotel and had our dinner. As the photo above proved, my little brother loves using my phone without permission. He never forgets to take at least one selfie every time.

I thought it was going to be cooler at night, but I still felt too hot. It was even sadder that I only had a pair of pyjamas with me but I remembered that I had a pair of gym shorts with me too so I wore that to bed instead. Hihi. The night was still young and I kept saying how I wanted to go to an ukay-ukay because I always hear how nice it feels to shop there because of the abundant line of clothes. They’re very cheap as well. Kuya insisted that the night market is so much better and they don’t only sell clothes, but also accessories, bags, and shoes as well. They even have blankets there! I didn’t feel like going because I just wanted to rest in the hotel room but I still went with them. Within 15 minutes or so, I was able to get myself 5 tops for only Php 100! Talk about cheap finds. <3

After that, things no longer happened as eventful as hoped for. I was feeling gassy and needed to go back to the hotel room ASAP, but before leaving, kuya was able to buy several items for him even if he said he didn’t need anything. Oh well. After being done with my business, I prepared for bed and finally finished my book. *insert harp sounds from heaven*.

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