11 Things I’ve Accomplished This Month (July)

11 Things I’ve Accomplished This Month (July)

And just like that, we’re ending July in a few hours. Then it’s August, then -ber months in a few weeks. Can you believe it? I know I can’t. This is a clear reality check for us that time is of the essence, and we’re not going to get to where we want to be unless we take actionable steps towards our goal/s. 

I mean, let me ask you – what have you achieved from your 2017 list so far?

Let’s go to the basics: lose weight, save this amount of money, travel to this and that destination. Have you crossed them off your list so far? Or you feel like you’re just going to recycle them on 2018?

That stings a little, right? If you look at it, half of the year has already gone by, but maybe you’re still stuck with your “start of the year” goals. This is why I also believe in consistency more than goals-setting. 

Setting goals is great, but at the end of the day, it pressures you, and in some days, not in a good way. You stress out on only 5 lbs. lost when by this time, you should be hitting 15 already. That kind of pressure. But when you’re simply consistent (I’ll work out 3o minutes 3x a week > I’ll lose weight 2 lbs. every week), there are better chances of you actually achieving your goals. If you just keep doing something, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be. Makes sense? 

Anyway, I just shared all those. This blog post is not about goal setting. This is about the things I actually achieved without going after them. Every month, I try (it also needs consistency) to write down my accomplishments and look back on how far I’ve come, no matter how many baby steps I took to get that far. 

This reminds me that while I’m still working towards my main goals, I’ve accomplished little things behind the scenes. This lessens the pressure of not meeting my GOALS, because all this time I’m not focusing on WHAT COULD BE, but on WHAT HAVE BEEN. 

So let me share with you my JULY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

  1. I was able to write 2 sponsored blog posts: Pera Swipe and Beauty MNL. It feels really nice when brands start to notice my blog. Once upon a time, it was all but a dream. But now that dream is slowly coming true!
  2. I learned how to do a Newsletter for my blog. My primary reason for this goal was I wanted to send out inspirational letters to my readers. So far, I’m not doing any huge progress on this, admittedly. I want to send out happy notes to people, but not everyone likes receiving them, which honestly makes me sad. I mean, I just want to inspire people, you know? And I want to do so directly. But I feel like people are allergic to Newsletters because they just shrug them off. Anyway, at least I learned how to do newsletters, and that’s always a plus for future use. 
  3. I learned how to do a MailChimp Subscription Form (Pop-Up). There were LOTS of hiccups, but I surpassed them all! It always feels like a major accomplishment for me when I understand something technology-related. It really challenges me emotionally and mentally. I’m not good at it, so when I understand something, I’m always mind-blown. I want to blog about it because I KNOW PEOPLE ARE GONNA NEED IT. But thinking about all the technical stuff I’ll be referencing is enough to pressure me. Any enablers out there?
  4. I discovered and tried Latergram app for my Instagram posts. I’m still in the search for other scheduling apps. Latergram limits my posts too much. So far, I have these in my list: HootSuite, Buffer, Preview, CoSchedule. 
  5. 90% done post-processing old travel photos. If you noticed, I’ve been curating my IG feed lately. It just allows me to be more creative and practice my ‘consistency’ with things. This time, I want to be dedicated and stop my usual fickle-minded brain from making hasty decisions. Right now, I’m still stuck on a blue theme, and I still got lots of travel photos to post. I better make time for scheduling them soon! Yikes. But I discovered that it helps to let the photos stay there a little longer before you upload a new one. If you keep posting, people won’t get a chance to see your older photos. I think posting every single day is just to let people know you’re still alive. 
  6. Freelancing workshop with Iris. As her birthday gift to me, Iris bought me a ticket for this workshop in Makati and I learned so much that night! Speaking of which, I still haven’t blogged about it! God, I HAVE to stop putting things in my “For Later” pile. It’s getting out of hand. 
  7. I saw two (downloaded) movies this month, particularly Hidden Figures and Singin’ In The Rain. MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. I don’t take watching movies lightly because I have an attention span of a goldfish. It can even take me a whole week just to finish 1 movie because I keep doing things in-between. Movies are a waste of time when you’re consuming junk (something I learned from Stacy), so you have to be intentional with the things you do. As for me, I watch movies to help with my creative process. Watching Singin’ In The Rain made me appreciate theater more. GENE KELLY IS A GENUIS, OK? It also wasn’t hard to fall in love with the movie because of the old Hollywood set-up. On the other hand, Hidden Figures made me appreciate women empowerment A LOT more, and what big dreams can do. That movie inspired me so much, it made me write my FIRST NEWSLETTER. (Let me know if you want a copy. I’d happily send you yours.)
  8. I sketched 3 buildings. I was aiming high, too high, to the point that I just became exhausted from pressuring myself. So what I did was waited for the burst of inspiration and started sketching. SO MUCH PROGRESS FROM THE MY FIRST ILLUSTRATION! In order: Regina Building, Bahay Nakpil-Bautista, and El Hogar)

  9. FIRST CONCERT THAT I ACTUALLY ENJOYED. Checked off my Bucket list, yes! I’ve been to 2 concerts when I was younger like grade school young, and it’s either I fell asleep during the concert or got really bored so I stopped paying attention.
  10. Kanto Klothing. I’ve been working hard to put up our start-up business’s social media accounts and expand its presence and I KNOW I still have to learn but I’m happy with my baby accomplishments so far. This is the thing I mentioned in my previous Monday Magic blog post but refused to reveal. THIS IS IT. I CAN FINALLY SAY IT. So shameless plug, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Very easy to remember: Kanto Klothing PH. Also, HOW CUTE IS THE LOGO? HEHE. I’m so creative, right?????

  11. First Anniversary. Last July 25, Jec and I had our first anniversary but we didn’t really celebrate. Weird, right? LOL. You can read about it HERE

Your turn.
What have you accomplished this month of July?

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