A Former Gangster, A Jazz Singer, and Cold Brew

A Former Gangster, A Jazz Singer, and Cold Brew

Today wasn’t the Sunday I planned. But it was a good Sunday nonetheless. I spent some time with my guy, and then some time for myself.

Actually, wait. Let’s start from the very beginning. I woke up stressed. I received an email that was forcing me to move with haste. Haste I didn’t want on a Sunday morning. Who’d want that, right? Then it was followed by a follow-up message on a different platform. It downright pissed me off. So I messaged my guy and let out my frustration.

As usual, I was met with logic. “So what’s more important? Your emotions? Or the task?”

So I went on with the task. While mumbling and glaring at my laptop screen, of course.

But I took a 10-minute break from the world and I was okay again.

Then I proceeded to my guy’s house. See, it’s my personal agenda to see him every week before another work week starts. He’s sort of my… refresher. Anyway, after having my breakfast, I planned to finally finish my work for the week so I could have my “weekend” despite it being Sunday noon already.

Lo and behold, my computer was functioning unbearably slowly. So I set it aside and took a nap instead of wasting time, waiting. I still had an errand to run, so by 2pm I left my guy’s house to go to the mall.

Fortunately enough, I found my way easily. For someone whose talent is to get lost, this is an achievement for me. Of course, I had to bombard my guy with questions so I’d know the directions to where I was headed.

After running my errand, I went to Fully Booked to look around. Please somebody enlighten me why the branch in SM Megamall is ridiculously hot? Anyway, I found a couple of books I liked. But I left empty handed as I was trying to be mindful with my expenses – too many responsibilities financially this month. I was looking at this coffee shop and vinyl store beside it – seemed cool inside but I wasn’t feeling it. Hobing is also packed with co-bingsu lovers, so no.

I walked on.

I passed by this open café again – Nitro 7, which I’ve been eyeing for quite a while now – so I listened to my instinct and went ahead. No Wi-Fi. No problem, though. I hoped for the best. Best meaning that my laptop saved the previous websites I opened so I could still work offline. IT DID. It was a two-in-one. I was able to finish my work AND try out Nitro 7. I even shared my table with an older woman.

In case you’re wondering: Coffee’s okay, but nothing special.

Back to no Fully Booked – I resorted to Book Sale. Every time Jec and I would pass by that store, it was like a magnet. But of course I didn’t want to be selfish so I shrugged off the idea each time. This time, I had the afternoon to myself, so I went in. I realized soon enough that going to a book sale store entailed standing in front of a bookshelf for a good 5-10 minutes, perusing each title and judging if it’s worthy of further examination. Also, that it’s freaking hard to move around with a heavy bag in tow. That said, come as you are – just you, your sense of adventure, and money.

I scored pretty good books. You know when you shouldn’t be in a place but something tells you to stay? That’s how I felt. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but I lingered. “I’ll know it when I see it.” And I saw it. Or them. I got a book written by 50 Cent, and another – Frank Sinatra’s autobiography.

Pretty slow. Pretty mundane. But it was the good kind of “just okay.” And that’s how I spent my Sunday.

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