January Accomplishments

January Accomplishments

We’re already a few weeks in this month but I still want to blog my January accomplishments, mainly for the sole purpose of documentation. A few moths back, I was able to recall some life events through my blog. And hopefully, my monthly accomplishments still prove to be useful a few months or years from now.

  • Self-love Blog. I created a self-love blog for my personal consumption. As I write this, I’m not sure if I should still pursue it. I’m still weighing things, but for now my heart says “no” more.
  • Traslacion 2018 (and new presets). I attended my 2nd Traslacion! Yay! I still have yet to write my experience on it. And it’s taking so much emotional effort so I’m still waiting for the right mood to set in. Hopefully, I get to write it before Traslacion 2019. Lol.

  • Todd English (Megamall). I finally tried Todd English’s food! There’s a branch in SM Megamall which I’ve been eyeing for a few months. When I found a good time to invite Jec to eat there, we went ahead. We both enjoyed the food although I’d say the burgers are a little too small.

  • Laptop Repair. After months of stalling, I finally had my laptop repaired. I was set on waiting for months because that’s what others said how long it would take. But Mac Service Center is so efficient it only took about 2 weeks. A few days after they bought a new battery, I got a text & email that I can claim my laptop already.
  • Computer Chair. I finally got a computer chair for work! This has been on my list for 3 Christmases already.
  • Love Yerself Playlist. I created a playlist for those low days I want to feel high and happy.
  • Black Mirror. I watched almost all episodes of Black Mirror. Everyone has been talking about it so I gave in, and wow, some episodes are pretty hardcore while everything is thought-provoking.
  • Netflix (in general). I subscribed to Netflix with Jec’s account so I could catch up with the shows I’ve been wanting to watch. I’m a little sad though that Netflix is a little late with series, but that’s okay. I won’t run out of shows to watch until then.

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