The Happy List | Vol. 1

The Happy List | Vol. 1

I’ve been feeling like crap lately – for a lot of reasons – so I decided to do my very first Happy List in hope of making me feel better and shedding a light on the bad lights in my life lately. This is not an original link since a lot has done and are doing it already, such as Camie and Helga, to name two of my favorite bloggers.

So here’s my very first happy list –

  1. Shane’s bucketful of patience with me despite me being a natural-born brat.
  2. This God-given talent that enabled me to deserve this freelance job.
  3. Knowing that I can push myself further in the gym and unleashing more of my strength
  4. New found love for VSCOcam filters + learning how to take better photos
  5. Guns finally growing bigger (!!!)
  6. Tuning in to this teleserye every night (don’t judge)
  7. Finding my passion to write once again
  8. Getting better at writing (thanks, freelance work!)
  9. Charlie’s new babies <3
  10. Finding inner peace by myself
  11. Acquiring more patience
  12. Spontaneous family hangouts + good food

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