I’M GOING NUDE: Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

I’M GOING NUDE: Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

After weeks of pondering on whether I deserve another beauty haul or not, and what items should I get, I took the bait and went for it. I’m currently on the search for the good nude lipsticks, preferably those that lean on the browns and clay colors. I recently got Maybelline’s Creamy Brown Nude in Clay Crush and I really like the color, but my mom liked it and asked it from me. I really hope she uses it because it’s one of my favorite shades to date and if I see it lying just around, I won’t have second thoughts getting it back. I’m that kind of daughter.

Anyway, I will just do a quick swatch and first impression on my new lipsticks. I found out that they have very similar shades in my current lipstick stash so maybe I can do a dupe blog post in the future.

Some free items because I purchased a big haul
I know, I know. I got a wee bit excited over the nudes!
(L-R): Rigel, Canopus, Loth, Lively Violet, Silly, Moody, Hydra

Say Tioco’s Beauty Haul Vlog was the one that convinced me to get this shade. The color looked perfect on her and I actually assumed that it would look nice on me as well. Newsflash: I’m too tan, so this color only appeared like a beige shade on my lips. It’s sort of like “my lips but better”. This time, it’s for real. It only gave my lips a hint of beige and that’s basically it. ? Sooper Beaute So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy in Canopus)


Maybelline Color Show Matte in Lively Violet, DETAIL Simply Matte in Silly, DETAIL Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick in D5 Loth, DETAIL Stannic Matte Lipstick in Rigel





I know this lipstick looks too red in the picture, but it actually looks a bit orange on the lips. Sort of like a clay’s color. It looks good on me because I have a tan complexion. However, it’s not the most pigmented lipstick and you can’t wear a balm underneath or it would only look like a gloss. The color doesn’t transfer at all when applied on top of a balm. It has zero longevity, but I don’t have a problem with that since I’m only after the color. ? Sooper Beauty So Matte Lipstick in Hydra


I actually like this color on me. It has the right touch of purple, but nothing that’s too strong. It’s creamy enough, but again, not the most pigmented tube in the bunch. It’s cheap enough, so I don’t feel bad it lacking longevity. I’m usually fickle-minded so what people see as a con is a pro for me when I want to change my lipstick color. Talk about optimism! ? Maybelline Color Show Matte Lipstick in M401 LIVELY VIOLET)


These are definitely tuggy matte lipsticks. Colors are pigmented enough, not easy to wipe off. Or maybe it’s because my lips already had pigments of lipsticks before I tried these on. Moody is a bit lighter than Canopus while Silly just looks like a baby pink color. Think MAC’s Please Me, a girl’s typical go-to shade, the one that we easily get attracted to. You know what I’m talking about. ? DETAIL Simply Matte in Silly and Moody


DETAIL Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick in D5 Loth is a dark brown lipstick. It’s liquid and it dries matte. The formula is okay, but I’m not a fan of the scent. One layer is enough because two makes it too thick, so it takes longer to dry.
DETAIL Stannic Matte Lipstick in Rigel is a shimmery purple and I have no idea why I got this tube. I don’t like shimmers and I’m not big on purple. BUT, the staying power is 10/10. I ate an oily meal and my lips still had some color and a little bit of shimmer.

What do you think of these colors? Are there are of these that you’d want to try? I got them all from Beauty MNL, which, in my honest opinion, is makeup heaven. It may not have all the brands you want, but it has A LOT of brands, and the customer + shipping service are superb. I paid for everything the night before and got my parcel the next day before noon, so that gave me lesser time to fidget about my order. HAH!

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