The twins Stacy and Danah published their online magazine Plump’s October issue and with it came their campaign for women to embody their flaws by embracing them and being totally okay about it, despite the remorse that comes from other people. Funny how others find it easier to despise our bodies when we give the complete opposite treatment – we love our bodies endlessly and claim that beauty indeed is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s us! Stacy dropped me a direct message on Instagram at 10 pm on Thursday, asking for my Facebook name. She said she needed to tag me on a post. I had no idea wha it was but knowing that she even remembered me was enough for me. TURNS OUT RAPPLER PUBLISHED PLUMP’S ARTICLE ON #IAMFLAWSOMEAND I WAS MENTIONED, TOGETHER WITH OTHER AMAZING, BRAVE WOMEN OUT THERE WHO ARE SIMILARLY EMBRACING THEIR FLAWS. 

I was honestly surprised because I know plump.ph didn’t repost me or anything on Instagram, but I was still equally happy to be mentioned. It was the first article I read when I woke up at 7 this morning before writing four more for work. I am pleased. 🙂 I finally achieved my dream of being a part of something I am fighting for, a battle where everyone wins and loves. <3

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