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The Sunday Currently / 2

I started on my The Sunday Currently last week and I noticed I was doing it a bit differently so I did a quick Google search and found out this one I’m about to do is more common for bloggers, so I’m doing this one instead for this week. The weekend might have been short-lived, but I’m still grateful for the two free days I had despite promising that I will work than play this weekend. LOL, who am I kidding?

I haven’t blogged lately and there are a few things I want to blog about, so just to let out the frustration of not having enough time, I’ll squeeze in a quick blog post before calling it a night.

Read on for my version of this week’s The Sunday Currently:


“The five secrets you must discover before you die” by John Izzo.

More so, planning to read The Bible again and highlight a bunch of lovely verses.


The Sunday Currently.

Also thinking of adding some items to my “Cute things that are shane” list. I already posted my first volume last week, and I enjoyed it!


To sounds of the TV – Gandang Gabi Vice, and my typing. Hehe.


If I should pursue another 9-5 job or explore my options and stay a bit longer in the freelancing world. To be honest, both are equally taxing, but for the latter I am able to manage my time more, according to the schedule I want.

Thinking of having a hair makeover before Shane arrives for his 2nd visit. Yay!


Nothing, really. I finally decided that this would be the most boring part of my Sunday Currently series as I have a weak sense of smell.


It was already tomorrow so I could workout again.


Shane would wake up already. I have lots to tell him and I miss him already. I have yet to tell him about my day.

I have enough cash by the end of the year to treat myself to underarm laser and leg waxing sessions good for a few months.


A white oversize shirt and boxers.


My week-old Mac lipstick, Velvet Teddy! I seldom go out of the house so it doesn’t give me enough chances to doll up. I made the most of my Sunday by reapplying VT as much as I can/need to during the day.

Also, it’s our anniversary month! <3


To go to gym soon (read: tomorrow, first thing when I wake up).

To try out health bistro,

To buy a lovely dress from Positive Luxe.


To save up. Take your shopping ban seriously, Bae.


Kind of sleepy. Actually, no, it’s about time to hit the sack now.


On Instagram, other sites to put up links.

Is it just me or the more you scroll, the less you read?

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