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How I Commuted From San Juan City to SM North EDSA

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Yesterday, September 10, I went out on a date with a good friend, Nikki. We scheduled to meet at nine .a.m., a few hours after her work shift (she works graveyard). Being the close-fisted girl that I am, I chose to take the typical Philippine public vehicles to get to my destination, knowing in my heart that it would be a bit stressful and far. But I also know it’s going to be way cheaper. Haha!

I’m writing this blog post so it can be a reference for others who are going to the same spots I did but do not know how. I’m known for being easily lost (I have zero logistics sense in my body) so trust me when I say that I’ve been lost in this place once, so I already know it by heart. There’s going to be a lot of that in this blog post. Hehe. Just to share, I also noticed how I was able to get more page views on my blog since I started publishing more sensible blog posts as opposed to my usual life dramas, so there’s that.

En route MRT Cubao Station via LRT (J. Ruiz to Cubao) 

I had two options to reach SM North without riding a cab. I could take a jeepney from Aurora Boulevard to Farmer’s and then ride an MRT from Cubao Station to North Station, or take the LRT from J. Ruiz to Cubao, and the MRT from Cubao to North. But I remembered how I got stuck in traffic the last time that I rode the jeep to Cubao at the same day and time. I decided to take the LRT since it would be faster and more comfortable. AC, anyone? It was a bit of a walk from my house to the LRT station. If I’m not mistaken, it took about 15 minutes, 20 to buy a single-journey ticket and go to the waiting area. It took a while for the train to arrive, but it only took 3 stations for me to arrive at Cubao. I didn’t know there was no connecting route from the LRT to the MRT, so I was a bit bummed.. and lost. I had to walk all the way from the LRT station to Farmers. It was a trek, I tell you, considering that I wasn’t familiar with the area, so I kept looking around to see if I was walking in the right direction.

Here’s a tip, though, if you’re going to the MRT station at Cubao and you’re coming from San Juan, it’s better to take the jeep because you can alight at Farmers and get to the station faster. Taking the LRT, you would have to walk around the place, and I mean like 3/4’s of what you could have saved riding the jeep, and you don’t want to go through all that. This is the case at 8:30 a.m. when the mall is still closed. I don’t know the situation if it’s the other way around.

En route MRT North Station from Cubao Station 

I didn’t know the MRT already had a new ticketing system. I also didn’t know that you just tap the card when you enter the station, and insert it once you exit. I swear I stood in front of the ticket booth for a whole one minute, if not more, trying to figure out how it works. I tried to watch the girl beside me do it, but she already had a ticket so I guess she was just reloading it. It’s pretty helpful, to be honest. There was no line and I think everyone is already ready with his card, so it makes everything faster. But the thing is, there are still not enough trains and too many passengers, so on the South side, people were jammed up in the waiting area, while it was very spacious on my side, the Northbound. It only took a few minutes for the train to arrive, and once inside, it was not jammed, although I was standing. I wanted to feel like a full-fledged commuter, ya feel me?

Alay Lakad from Trinoma to SM North

I was actually disappointed that I didn’t hear the woman’s voice announcing the next train station. That’s like the highlight of riding a train here. But anyway, I reached North station and it took me a few steps to reach the entrance of Trinoma, the one that’s on the tacky side near Landmark. LOL. Again, I didn’t know there was no connecting route from Trinoma to SM North so I had to walk down to the area where the FX vans pass through, along the walkway on the pedestrian lane, up the footbridge, and down to the waiting area for vans by SM North. You know what I’m talking about, the one that gets crazy lines of passengers come five p.m. or so, regardless if it’s a weekday or not.

So there you go, that’s my commuting adventure from my house to SM North EDSA, and I actually took the time to write a blog post on it. LOL. Going home, I took a different transportation since riding the MRT is no longer logical. It was too far if I’d go to Trinoma just to ride the train. This is a learning experience for me. It’s really about time that I know the public transportations so I wouldn’t bug people at the last minute when I don’t know how to go to places.

I wore a pair of shorts, a light sweater with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, and a pair of chuck taylors. I was doing okay for the most part since I was in the proper attire. I don’t know how style chicks do it, though. I can’t imagine riding the train, walking up and down stairs, walking around places. etc, wearing a skirt and a high-maintenance blouse. Think wrinkle-sensitive or a thick fabric where your sweat could be spotted easily (and where you can sweat easily). To be fair, sweating is one of my skills, so I try to pick clothes where even if I sweat, I would still look decent.

TL; DR – To go to SM North from San Juan, ride the LRT or Jeep to Cubao and ride the MRT from Cubao to North.


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