Hello, Weekend!

Hello, Weekend!


So we went to Clark, Pampanga for the weekend and I can’t believe those two days went by so quickly! When I thought I was still cherishing the coolness of the hotel room, I am already here at home and in my bed, writing about my family weekend getaway. It would be a good idea to stop watching the clock, don’t you think?

I’m not really in the mood to write down a detailed blog about this, but let me make a bullet list of the things we did during the last two days!


  • Found a hotel after half an hour of driving around in Clark
  • Had lunch at Jollibee while waiting for proper time to check in the hotel
  • Went back to the hotel with kuya and waited for a bit in the lobby while staff prepared our room
  • Lounged around + worked a little + took a nap
  • Went out for dinner, ate at Reyes Barbecue
  • Bought a Vision Therapy Eyewear + other stuff from Watson’s
  • Went back to hotel & watched a bit of TV before calling it a day


  • Woke up at 8 am
  • Buffet breakfast + hearty talk with kuya (very rare!)
  • Went back to hotel room to shower + TV
  • Watched half of “Death Becomes Her” with kuya
  • Watched Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. I HAVE SO MUCH FEELINGS ABOUT THIS, U GUISE.
  • Went to Puregold Duty Free for some shopping. I was strong enough to not buy even a single bar of chocolate. I deserve an award for this.
  • 3 PM lunch at Chowking. So unbelievably hungry + dizzy.
  • Went to Marquee Mall… just because.
  • Home at 8 pm.

This is a very lousy blog, obviously. I’ll make up for it the next time that I have something actually exciting to write about. Haha. Hope you guys had a good weekend!

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