Guest Blog Post Guideline

Over the years that I’ve been blogging, I never thought I would make it this far. I only really wanted to share the mundane things about my day, the photos I took, and pretty much ordinary things others would do, too. As my blog grew bigger and I gained exposure here and there, I have had other bloggers coming to me asking if I accept guest blog posts. 

Sure, I do!

But I found the need to set some guidelines just so we’re clear on this. And I’m sure this would benefit us both. So if you’re thinking of asking for a little space on my blog, please read this first: 

#1 Your pitch fits into my blog’s niche. 

This is pretty basic but I’ll still mention it. Please make sure that the topic you’re pitching in is very relevant to what I write. I mostly talk about lifestyle and personal stuff. If you study my blog enough, which I’m sure you would (and should), it would help to find a similar blog post that I’ve written in the past to what you want to publish as a “guest blog post” on The Bae Blogs. 

While you’re at it, include the link so I know what your reference is! 

#2 You have a strong command of the English language.

Suffice to say, working on a guest post should not be that hard. It should actually be pretty simple! So I ask that your articles/ blog posts are also polished to perfection if possible. Also, take note of the tone! I write in a very personal manner if you haven’t already noticed, so please make sure you do that as well. 

I want my readers to have an awesome time while reading your guest post, so don’t make it sound too strict and professional. Loosen up a little, why don’t cha? 

#3 Your content is credible. 

No worries if your blog post is completely personal. That’s your story. But if you’re writing a technical blog post, do the honor of citing your references. Citing is key. It’s very important! This is especially required when you’re writing a compilation or a listicle. I only really want whatever goes out to my blog to be credible, true, and helpful. Even I am a huge fan of links! So please, include links! 

#4 I have the right to decline your guest blog post. Sorry! 

It may be because your article is simply irrelevant; I find I need to do too much work before publishing it; it requires a lot of editing, enhancing, and polishing; you are way too demanding for a guest blogger (I’m sorry, people do that sometimes), etc. Whatever the reason is, I have the right to decline. Maybe we’re just not meant to work with each other? 

Whatever the reason is, don’t worry, I’ll gracefully decline and state the reason why. 

#5 We collaborate, not demand.  

As the owner of The Bae Blogs, it’s my responsibility to approve your post before publishing it. It would really do our readers justice, and I also want to show your content in the best light possible! So if I see that your article needs a little polishing, either of us can wear our “proofreader” hat, whatever is agreed upon.  

Since this is a collaborative work, we should both see the work first before it gets published. It’s only fair, right? 

This is a case-to-case basis. Not all guest blog posts need to undergo this much work (see #2), unless I really find your content relevant and helpful, and I just gotta have it on my blog. Then it’s a win-win situation! 

That’s about it! Any other concerns, questions, clarifications?
Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at

Looking forward to working with you,