Greige Makeup Tutorial

Greige: a color between beige and gray

Last Sunday, I found myself in a vulnerable situation. I was standing in the middle of the Department Store, specifically in the makeup section, with NYX beside me and Sleek a few feet away. Those were the top two brands I was looking for and I grew ecstatic as I saw the huge line-up of lipsticks that I only used to ogle online and wish I could try because of all the hype.

I was on an itch to try Sleek because of the awesome reviews and NYX’s Lingerie line because the colors are just downright to die for. I mean, it has, like, the perfect line-up of nudes for women with different skin colors. Okay, I may be romanticising it too much, but I’ve never seen a line-up that fits my liking like it before.

Anyway, I tweeted a thread on my lipstick frustration and a friend said her friend is selling the Lingerie line, and all the colors are available. More, they’re reasonably cheap because the friend apparently is a direct supplier, so she doesn’t need to add on fees. I had an issue with the mode of payment so I looked for another seller. I found one on Instagram and after a few days, I finally got my parcel. I got NYX Lingerie in Beauty Mark and Embellishment, and NYX Soft Matte in Istanbul and Milan. She had limited colors available so I was forced to choose among those.

I was thinking of doing a video unboxing and a swatch-and-review, but I’m not yet comfortable doing vlogs and I’m not good at editing videos yet, so I’m sticking to photos for now. Other than that, I don’t have a nice camera.

I really wanted to do this differently so with the vlog on the side, I thought of challenging myself with a makeup tutorial instead of just swatching the shades on my arm. I was excited (and nervous) about NYX Lingerie in Embellishment so I decided to do a tutorial on that first. Maybe this would also help other women (and men, perhaps?) do a greige makeup look, which is a bit tricky because it can be picky on the skin tone and what looks good on someone might not look good on you.

I took the initiative to Pinterest my way to it and get the basics on doing a greige makeup. So this is what I gathered: Greige can make your lips look dead so make your eyes pop, try to pack on the pink hue or your greige lipstick will take the color from your face.

By the way, I didn’t use fancy products and tools so I’m sure you can do this, too. 🙂


(1) I’m not wearing anything here yet. I just washed my face, so you can see every acne and scar on my face. After taking this photo, I spritzed on Pixi by Petra’s Makeup Fixing Mist and wiped on some lip balm.

(2) I packed on The Body Shop’s face All-in-One Face Base in 052, then covered the dark spots and pimples with The Body’s stick concealer. I don’t like that concealer because it’s too sticky on the face and it digs into my pores, making it difficult to remove even when I use a makeup remover and wash my face. Anyway, I put it after the press powder so it wouldn’t clog my pores as much. By the way, if you’re using the same powder, don’t wet your sponge. It’s meant to be applied dry. It kind of looks like the powder is too light for my skin tone but it adjusts on my face after a while. I have a pretty weird face, so there’s that. LOL.

(3) I use two products for my brows: Nichido’s Tinted Brow Gel in Ash Blonde and K-Palette’s Real Lasting Eyebrow in 01. If I’m in a rush, I only go for the brow gel. If I want my brows to be on fleek, I opt for K-Palette, which I know you’ve already heard is a divine brand. For my brows, I applied the Nichido just to give them some shape, sort of like my pattern.

2 (4) I know I look like I have caterpillar brows here but it’s because I haven’t done my full face yet. Don’t you worry, child. It’s going to look fabulous later on. By now, I’ve already used the K-Palette. I like dark, thick brows on women so that’s what I try to do on my face every time, and also because it suits me. I also applied a smudge of beige eyeshadow on my eyelids using my finger. That’s just a base so my real eyeshadow color wouldn’t look too strong.

Notice how I haven’t used any brush yet? I’m trying to keep it simple, so you can see that makeup is possible even without all the tools.

(5) I applied brown eyeshadow all over my eyelids. Again, using just my finger. It doesn’t have to look perfect because I’m going to pack on more products on my lids. I made a wrong move here, though. I applied a mauve shade on my lids and focused on my crease, but didn’t snap a picture of it. Hopefully, you’ll see the effect on the succeeding photos. By the way, I used one with some sort of shimmer in it, just to add “character”.

(6) This is my favorite part! I like lining my lids and waterline with a dark brown eyeshadow (not eyeliner) because it makes my chinky eyes look bigger. Tip: go halfway through on the waterline, not all the way, which is enough to make your eyes look bold. Lining your waterline all the way gives me (and you, basically) that grungy look, which will only harden the look, and that’s not what we’re aiming for here.

PicMonkey Collage

(7) Do you get what I’m saying with the eyeshadow-used-as-eyeliner thing? Otherwise, check out my right eye (left on the screen). The effect is more apparent there.

(8) One important thing I learned about sporting a greige makeup is you have to make the rest of your face look softer than your lips. Swiping on a grey-toned lipstick alone can make you look dull, and what’s a nice way to combat that but apply a killer wing tip? I compared photos on Pinterest and saw that a typical eyeliner won’t do – it’s just too plain. My wing tips are a bit thicker than they should be, but you get the idea. I haven’t curled my lashes and applied mascara at this point just yet.

(9) Of course, the contour shall not be forgotten. I used Pixi by Petra for this and it is absolutely divine. I used to think contour is just an extra step, but now I think it’s actually an essential step to shape your face and “complete” your look. I don’t have a highlighter yet, but after swatching Happy Skin’s Glisten Me Up, I completely changed my mind. If you know any affordable but good highlighter, comment below!

I like a sun-kissed look on my face so after contouring, I put on a peach blush and slightly bronzed my face all over. By the way, for the contour, your strokes should differ based on your face shape, but for me I focus below my cheekbones, jawline, temples, and chin. I seldom contour my nose, because, I don’t really need it, do I? Hehe. You can also do the “3” shape when contouring. Take your brush and draw a big 3 on the side of your face, starting from your temples to under your cheekbones, down to your jawline.

If you think you packed on too much blush, don’t be afraid to use your loose powder. It will also give your face that matte finish.

My Complete Greige Makeup Look

As much as I want to, I didn’t photoshop my face so you’d see how much I was able to cover up from my blemishes using just a concealer and a press powder.  This was taken by the window without any special lighting, so you can clearly see where my makeup is faulty. This photo’s a bit blurry, though.

Do you see how my look completely changed once I swiped on NYX Lingerie’s Embellishment?

That wing top sure made a huge impact on my face. Imagine if I didn’t apply a black eyeliner – my eyes would look completely dead. Notice that tan spot on my cheek? That’s my fault. LOL. I thought I could use the bronzer to put a little shimmer on my cheeks as a highlighter. Clearly, I have much to learn. Don’t try this at home, kids, much less in public.

So there you have it! I don’t really know how to write a beauty blog, but I tried my best. Let me know if you know any nice lipsticks I can try – I’m up for it!



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