Quick Local Haul x Great Escapes Travel Fair

Quick Local Haul x Great Escapes Travel Fair

Last Friday, August 18, I was invited to attend the Great Escapes Travel Fair in Glorietta 2 (Palm Drive). Jhanzey, a good friend and fellow blogger, sent me an invite though she couldn’t make it at that time because of work. Jhanzey, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you would have enjoyed it! But I’ll let the photos do the talking. 🙂

It was a really cool event because I actually discovered a lot of local brands that have quality goods. They’re also reasonably priced, so you’d know they’re not ripping you off. I walked around several times to make sure I got a lot of photos and saw all the brands participating in the event. By the way, it’s not solely for travelers! There are a bunch of things sold there for pure local product lovers. So if you’re one of them, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this blog post. The fair might be done already, but it doesn’t mean you can’t shop online! 

I arrived early at before 1 pm so I was able to still roam around before registering at 1. The ribbon cutting officially happened at 1:30 pm. After the photo ops, we went on to our individual paths and a light lunch was also served. 

Ribbon cutting

Such a beautiful crowd shopping local goods!

The lovely set-up that will welcome you in the fair

Post ribbon-cutting, we were able to roam around, check out the booths, and take pictures. There was also a light buffet snack served for all media personnel (including bloggers!). Anyway, let me zoom in on the food for now because I just have to tell you all about them. 

The buffet was catered by Cuisina Estela by Cabalen. It’s not Calaben itself but under the same main company. I loved everything they served. Everything was so good, I kid you not! And I wasn’t even hungry that time, so you can say I’m being objective here. Hehe. They had all sorts of Filipino cuisines and/or Filipino favorites including turon, crispy kangkong with garlic sauce, lumpiang hubad, pork bbq, and pansit puti. The crispy kangkong is my absolute favorite. I loved it so much I’m gonna research its recipe and try to make my own version. I also asked for their business card if ever I want them to cater for me… just me….

They also sold food at the fair, not just travel items. Go ahead and take a look! 

– FOOD –






OK, I’ll admit, at this point, I’m just too lazy to type out every single brand that participated at the fair (LOL, I’m really sorry), but I listed them down so if you want to know a specific name of a brand from the pictures, let me know in the comments section! Better yet, I can tag you on Instagram. 🙂

When I was done roaming around at the fair, I walked some blocks away and found another local fair happening in the same mall. This time it was the Global Pinoy Bazaar. I spent less time there, but there were more stuff and OMG, thank God I didn’t bring much money that time because I would have bought a lot, that was for sure! 

Since I also missed shopping (the downside of being a homeboy), I took that time to buy some cute stuff that made my heart flutter. Here’s my quick local haul: 

This wasn’t supposed to happen, honestly. I meant to only buy some skincare products and a coin purse for Jec but then… temptation… I’m quite happy with my haul, though, so no ragrets!

with love and light,

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