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Good Things That Came Out Of (My) 2016 ?

I’ve been seeing a lot of 2016 threads on Twitter, mainly about the good things that came out of the year. We know that this year has been crappy for some – or most – of us, and we’d all like to change that negative atmosphere by recalling the good things that actually happened.  Take the good with the bad, right? With that said, I felt the need to make my own. I’ve never done this before, to be honest, although a few years ago, I did a recap and review of the year that has gone by, the things I learned, and what has changed in me.

This time, I want to focus on the good side. And instead of making my own thread on Twitter, I decided to write a blog post instead. It would be more comprehensive and I would get to publish a content before the year ends. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

    1. I strived in the freelancing world. It wasn’t easy, it still isn’t. But if you really want to achieve something, you will find every way possible to get to it. Working corporate for a short time was enough to make me realize I wasn’t born for it. I’ve always been a solo flyer. And I wanted to dream at my own pace. So strive in the freelancing world, I did. Or so I tried.
    2. I learned how to deal with SEOs. Hopping from one client to another, I learned a lot of things in the freelance industry, one of them being how to deal with SEOs. It’s a huge help that I can apply all the things I learned in my blogging endeavors.
    3. The Bae Blogs turned 1 this November.  ?
    4. My family and I had numerous out-of-town trips this year including Banaue, Sagada, and Baguio.
    5. I had my first out-of-town trip with my boyfriend. It took me a few business days to finally convince my parents to let me (LOL, can you relate?), but it was SO worth it.
    6. But before that trip, of course, I’m glad that this was the year I met Jec. And we’re already 6 months into our relationship! ❤️
    7. Having met Jec, I slowly but surely discovered the beauty that is Manila. Special mention @Bindondo, @Escolta, @RizalPark, @PalisocCircle. ??
    8. I made new friends! Amazing people from different walks of life. Some from the organization that Jec is a member of, some that have the same passion towards blogging, and some I bumped into from here and there.
    9. Camie Juan followed me on Twitter. Hello, need I say more?
    10. I tried my hands on bullet journaling. Although I wasn’t able to fulfill it consistently, I still got hooked and found a new medium to jot down my to-do’s and finished tasks in a unique way.
    11. I started vlogging! Here’ my YouTube channel at your disposal. ?
    12. In line with aiming for my#bloggergoals, I was able to attend some events and do actual blog work!
    13. I learned how to ride a bike! (and finally owned one c/o Jec LOL)
    14. Blog work opportunities. ✨
    15. I became friends with the Plump twins. ? I already feel like a winner here. Albeit we’re not entirely close, I learned so much from them and they were one of the few people I approached during my heartbreak earlier this year.
    16. Through one of the twins, Danah, I experienced my first ever Bible study. 
    17. I also wrote some contributing articles to their web magazine. #writergoals ? (Check out my articles here: 1, 2)
    18. ..and made it to the roundup of their #IAMFLAWSOME campaign.
    19. The Majestic Mayon Volcano ?
    20. Some positive feedback on my writing. ?
    21. Discovering amazing online influencers on YouTube and on blogs.
    22. Getting hooked on humble (some, funny) YouTubers. My favorites as of the moment are Camie Juan, Anna Cay, Anne Clutz, AC, and the Dasovich siblings. ?
    23. Star Wars marathon. The franchise is actually nice?! I have no idea why I started watching it right now. Oh, right, because JEC.
    24. Supporting local more. ??
    25. Finally tasting real Tinu-tu (Bicol Express).
    26. Went spelunking for the first time!
    27. Watched a lot of independent movies this year. ? (Pamilya Ordinaryo, Mercury Is Mine, Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2)
    28. I learned how to highlight and contour (using a duo stick).
    29. I sustained my monthly life insurance expense despite very uncertain work. ?
    30. STREET FOOD. ? Special mention to isaw (baboy) and chicharong bulaklak.
    31. Massive makeup clean-up. I Marie Kondo-ed my mom’s makeup stash, threw away the bad products, and kept some nice stuff for myself. Hehe. At least now I know where is where and what makeup we still need so I won’t have to buy new ones.
    32. I spent my 23rd birthday at Lhuljetta’s Hanging Gardens & Spa and wore a 2-piece bikini for the first time. ? Talk about #bodylove.
    33. I finally visited the National Museum and saw Spoliarium. It was definitely a goosebump moment for me but in a really good way.
    34. High-quality #MMFF2016 films (fi-nuh-lly!)
    35. Realizing that I don’t need material things to make me happy. ???
    36. Loathing capitalism more and more.
    37. Cooking fried lasagna for the first time!
    38. The fact that I survived 2016. ?
    39. I had my first legit ukay-ukay shopping around Manila and had a lot of good finds. ✨
    40. This year, I started pursuing my blogging dreams by trying to publish as much material content as I could, by making friends with other bloggers, by joining blog pages online, by attending sponsored events for blog work, and by generally reaching out to more readers.
    41. Making matcha graham cake. Housewife duties, come at me!
    42. Actually meeting some fuck boys and realizing why they’re W-O-R-T-H-L-E-S-S.
    43. Lots. Of. Photo Dump. Blog Posts. 
    44. Seeing the sunset too many times this year. ?

    45. Discovering streetside foods that are actually pretty good!
    46. This year, I learned to attend and get hooked on acoustic bars. ?
    47. This video project for a Canadian friend.
    48. I wrote a 3k-word blog post on self-love.  ?
    49. Facing my fears and driving an ATV.
    50. Jec and I did a tour gig this year! He did the touring, I did the documenting. You can check out some of my creative shots here.
    51. Reviving friendships. ?
    52. I. Survived. Dengue!!!!!!
    53. Raving for one night and letting loose of my inhibitions. ? (in other words: wasted, but +1 for the experience)
    54. Pursuing red hair. ??

So, how was your 2016?


  • Danica Rama

    Such a long list B! So happy to know that despite all the BS that’s been happening around us, you were able to appreciate and be thankful about the little things. This world needs more positive people like you. Happy New Year 🙂

    • bpc_milanes@yahoo.com

      Aww thank you! Trying my best to be more positive because I’m sick of my naturally negative self. Thanks for dropping by and happy new year to you, too!

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