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Getting To Know Bae

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I’ve shared personal things about me before, way back (LOL really, was it years ago) in my Tumblr blog, but we all know that even a lifetime is not enough to really know a person, so that said, there are still a lot of things we can know about each other, yes?

These are some things I’ve realized about me during random times, which I made sure to type  down on my notes immediately:

  1. I actually enjoy a full house in the cinemas. I like when a lot of people are looking forward to a movie – it means that there’s much to see. And I get to feel the same way a hundred more do, too. Inside Out sobfest, anyone? However, I don’t get that hyped up if it’s a local film, especially if it’s an MMFF entry. There’s something about local films that bore me. Sometimes they do now have that much substance and it seems like the actors are only willing to play the role for the money and fame, not because they really want to portray a certain character and leave valuable lessons to the viewers. But then, I’m not into independent, local films, either. Okay, fine, I’m not that into movies. So if something excites me, to the point that I can’t stop talking (and thinking) about it, then it’s actually a big deal for me.
  2. I like singing. But my singing ability is terrible. And I suck at memorizing lyrics. So most of the time, I sing without knowing what I’m actually singing. How cute. But then, when I got my earphones on and my jam plays, I’m not one to shy away from showing my moves. Okay, I may or may not be tapping my feet too joyfully than I should.. especially when I’m in a coffee shop with complete strangers around me.
  3. I find it nice when servers remember my name or my face alone. It shows that they care enough about their customers to remember them, even if it’s to ask if they remember your name correctly despite you going to that particular place for the nth time that week.
  4. I do not like seeing unread notifications on my phone. It irks me to see the red bubbles on my screen and I get itchy to open it even if I have already viewed the message or the notification on another device, say, my laptop. That said, I do not like smartphone apps that do not automatically update with their notifications. Ehem, Skype, ehem.

What about you? What are some things about you that you want to share with us? Perhaps we have some similarities with our way with things? Whatever floats your boat, share it in the comments section below! 🙂

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