HOW TO GET A BARANGAY CLEARANCE | Requirements, Procedures, Fees

HOW TO GET A BARANGAY CLEARANCE | Requirements, Procedures, Fees

Following my “How To” blog post on getting a Postal ID, here’s another Adulting 101 for you. This time, let’s talk about getting a Barangay Clearance. As I mentioned here, I needed to get my barangay clearance for my Postal ID application since I don’t have any utility bill named after me yet. Getting a barangay clearance is actually simple, easy, and fast. But first, why do you need a barangay clearance? What’s it for?

According to PHILPAD.COM:

“A Barangay Clearance is a document certifying that the applicant is of good moral character and good resident of a given town or barangay. It also proves that the applicant has no bad records or immoral background. In a nutshell, the certificate simply states that the person stated has a good standing as a resident. The certificate is signed by the Barangay Captain. Stamped and sealed with the official Barangay Seal.”

For my Postal ID application, I only needed the Barangay Clearance to prove my current residency.  So how do you get a Barangay Clearance?  First, you’ll need the following:

  • Cedula (Community Tax Certificate) *
  • Application Form  **
  • Application Fee  ***

*  A cedula  is a  community tax certificate (CTC), also known as sedula, issued to every individual or corporation upon payment of the community tax. GOV.PH said that you can get a cedula from a barangay, municipal hall or city hall, but when we got to the barangay, they said they don’t provide a cedula in the barangay. Of course that left a big question mark on my head. Indeed, don’t believe everything you see online! It’s better to go there and ask. At least you would know the right procedure and requirements.

** When I went to our Barangay, I didn’t need to fill up an entire application form. The person who assisted us just gave us a 1/4 piece of brown paper, sort of like a “purpose slip” where I filled in my name, my full address, my purpose, and my signature.  After, the person gave it to the secretary for processing.

*** I didn’t pay for anything for my Barangay Clearance. The secretary said that we could give donations but I didn’t give any.  She also didn’t ask for my cedula.  It made the procedure much faster, but it’s not safe, security wise. They didn’t even ask if I actually lived in San Juan. That’s risky, right?

So on to the next question:


  1. Prepare the requirements. 
  2. Go to your Barangay’s Main Office. 
  3. Fill up the application fee (as applicable). 
  4. Pay for the Barangay Clearance (as applicable). 
  5. Claim your Barangay Clearance. 

Everything should only take about 5-10 minutes since the secretary will only print the paper, have it signed by the Barangay Captain, and seal it to make the document official. In my experience, I only had to do steps #3 (the brown paper) and #5. The guy who assisted us said that some barangays can be strict with the requirements. Apparently, my barangay isn’t.

This kind of sends warning signals to my brain, but I’ll just shrug it off since it’s already done and over with. Good thing my brother and I arrived during the lunch break so we were the first people to be accommodated. At around 2 pm, people started piling in.

So there you go! Getting a Barangay Clearance is quite easy, right? The only requirement you will really need is the cedula. From other articles I read online, a Barangay Clearance costs less than Php 100. In my case, I didn’t for anything.

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What about you? Have you applied for a Barangay Clearance before? How was your experience?

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