Fotogra Books: Small Books For Your Big Moments

Fotogra Books: Small Books For Your Big Moments

A couple of weeks ago, I placed an order with Fotogra Books. There was no special event, I just simply wanted to try their service and have a Fotogra Book of my own. But, of course, being the fickle-minded individual that I am, it took me a lot of time to pick the photos, edit them, and arrange them accordingly. If you are not meticulous with things like this, it probably would have taken you faster.

Anyway, so I could not put any photos without them having a theme, right? That would be pointless. It would still cost me P700+, for the record. I thought that Jec and I have been dating for a few months now and when I checked my love counter app (is that what you call it?), I saw that we have already surpassed 100 days, so I thought of using “100 Days” as the theme for my first Fotogra Books.

The book finally arrived this afternoon, and although I did not really plan to blog about it – I just simply wanted to give it to Jec as a gift – I thought, well why not just share it with others, too? It can make a nice gift for someone you know who loves saving photographs. Everything is so digital now so it is actually nice when you get to feel a picture in your hands.

I thought this was a little cheesy, but Jec and I are both frustrated photographers so it makes a nice token. It also plays as a reminder of the little snippets of our first 100 days as a couple. I told you, cheesy. 😛


The book is actually small. It is only 5×5. It came in a white envelope, and the envelope in a brown office folder. I availed the one with 80 pages, P730. They have a free shipping fee in deliveries around Metro Manila so I only paid for the book itself. Anyway, you can check out more details here: Thankfully, they have all the information I needed to know. You just really have to read through the pages because some explanations are lengthy.





You can get more info here:

Website: / Facebook: Fotogra Books / Instagram: @fotograbooks

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