Photo Dump: #FergINePerpetuity

Photo Dump: #FergINePerpetuity

A week ago, Jec and I attended his cousin’s wedding. It was so beautiful and all sorts endearing and worth remembering. I almost brought a DSLR to capture nice photos but decided against it at the last minute since it would be so heavy and post-processing SLR pictures don’t really sit well with me. I ended up using my phone, a one-year-old iPhone 6S. Despite some blurred shots (I had to really zoom in on some instances), I think I captured the essence of the event. I hope I did justice! 

In case you’re not following me on my social media accounts, here are some shots I took: 


📍 Santuario de San Jose 📍
Buffalo corner Duke Streets, East Greenhills, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


🍃  The Glass Garden 🍃
257 Evangelista Ave, Pasig, 1610 Metro Manila

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