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How It Feels To Travel With Your Person

Disclaimer: I couldn’t concentrate on work. I’m not sure if it’s a sepanx from Jec and I’s recent trip or the fact that I have my period. Either way, I’m feeling out of funk so I decided to take a breather and write a random blog post. 

Yesterday, I got home from a weekend trip with Jec and his co-workers. He invited me to go with them since they were allowed to bring partners with them. It was supposed to be a team building of some sort, but it turned out to be an ordinary office outing and it was so fun! So far into 6 months of our relationship, Jec and I have already traveled many places, most of which are in Manila. LOL, I know, not big, but it counts as a travel experience since #traffic and #annoyingpeople and #busyManilalife and more #traffic. I can say that I pretty much know now how Jec’s mood works. I can tell when he’s starting to be irritated or when he’s enjoying his time. People say traveling can make or break you as a couple. I’d say it only brings us closer and allows us to know each other a whole lot better.

I’m so proud that our relationship has already progressed in a lot of ways despite dating for just a few months. I mean, in this time and day, 6 months is not long enough. It goes by so fast that we no longer remember when we hit x months. But remember when it were high school days and we’d always anticipate monthsaries? LOL, how cliché, right?

Traveling with Jec, it’s nice to acknowledge the fact that I’ve found my person and the fact that we take care of each other both in big and small ways. Traveling can be a real hassle when you’re with the wrong person, but being with Jec is nice and easy. I know that I will be taken care of, wherever we are. I feel comfortable and safe enough to go wherever as long as I’m with him. 3 years ago, I couldn’t even stay overnight at a friend’s house because my mom would put up a lot of restrictions. Now she allows me to go with Jec and travel the Philippines one province or town at a time.

But it doesn’t only apply in traveling. I feel safe with Jec wherever we are, period. I don’t mind the hassle of things when I go out with him. Sometimes we ride a packed train and I don’t even mind it at all. And then I realize at the moment that it would have been a completely different experience if I were alone during that time. I don’t know, it’s like, he makes things easier for me. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I’m just so glad I went with him to Puerto Galera. It was my first time there and it was also our first time to go to the beach as a couple. We both enjoyed our time there. I enjoyed his co-workers’ company. We both equally enjoyed the waters and what Puerto Galera has to offer. I went snorkeling for the first time and it was amazing! I just didn’t want to risk my phone, but if I had a waterproof device, I would have taken a gazillion shots of the fish and the corals. Anyway, it was just amazing, overall. I would definitely repeat that experience. I’m also glad that Jec had fun despite fearing open waters. Meanwhile, I had this inner battle whether to dip my feet underwater because I have an irrational fear of fish. LOL.

This is just me sharing my thoughts on my traveling experience with Jec and on us being a couple. I’m just glad that we met like, darn it, what did I do to deserve him? It feels overwhelming sometimes that who was once a complete stranger can love you that much. But then again, love moves in mysterious ways. I can’t wait for my next travel with my person. 🙂


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