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Featured Blogger of The Month (June): Andi Español of WizardAndi Blog


New month, new blog post for you!

There’s always a part of me that wants to extend myself with others and turn my passionate ventures into fruitful and welcoming engagements. Thus, I present to you a new blog series: Featured Blogger of the Month.

Every month, I’ll be featuring a blogger on my blog. It’s completely voluntary. However, for the first few volumes, I want to kick start this series with some awesome bloggers I genuinely admire. And yes, I hand picked them myself! Don’t be surprised if you already know some of them! Otherwise, I guess you’ve just found a new blog you can add to your blogroll? Wink, wink. 

We’re all aware that women dominate the blogging community in the Philippines, and so, I made a conscious effort to reach out to some male bloggers I know, so that we can widen the male-blogging spectrum a bit. For the second volume and month of this blog series, I picked Andi.

I met Andi during a blogging event in Market! Market!, which was graciously and generously hosted by the Travel Book PH team. He was very easy to get along with. To describe, he’s like the life of a party but in a wholesome way. He’s like everyone’s friend, gets? With his positive disposition, I thought he could give some life and color to my blog, so I asked him if he could be a part of this blog series. And he said yes! 

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What is your name?

  Hi, my name is Andi Español. Or should this be complete? Andion Ray Español. Haha!

What is your blog called?

My blog is called Wizardandi Blog.

Tell us more about your blog!

My blog is supposed to be about travel, food, and lifestyle. But, I am not sure if I am covering lifestyle correctly because I feel like it is already part of traveling and eating? I’d like to put also some personal stuff to tell stories about myself if I feel like sharing some of my personal stuff.

Tell us more about the person behind Wizardandi Blog

Something Personal

I feel old. I am turning 27 this May 2017 and I can’t say that I am truly successful in life. I am an undergrad and reached 3rd-year college only. Took BS Food Technology in the University of Santo Tomas. We are not rich so we really cannot afford the pricey tuition so I ended up working at 19 years old. I thought of working as a service crew in a fast food chain. But, I don’t think I can handle the job because my body is weak and I don’t move fast. I can’t even carry things properly with all my might. Being a couch potato, I ended up in a call center industry in 2009. Fast forward 2017, after 7 years of being in the same company, I got super stressed and burned out. I finally resigned from my first and only job ever.

Food Is Life

Personally, I love eating. Not that I can eat everything. I am a super picky eater. I don’t like mayo, ketchup, and mustard. I don’t eat veggies. I love eating but I only eat stuff that I absolutely like over and over but it’s okay to try new stuff as long as you invite me. I love eating with nice people and a little bit of a sensible chat. Coffee is love, I can’t live a day without drinking a cup of either 3-in-1 or brewed coffee. If not coffee, give me fresh milk, milk tea, fruit shake, or frappe. I’ll drink it as long as there’s no alcohol.

Hashtag Gamer

I am an introvert, and you’ll see me lurking on the world wide web. If you can’t see me online, then I might be in the gaming world because, yeah, I am a hardcore gamer. I built my desktop to cater for high graphics and intense gaming. It’s my vice, I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I just eat, play, sleep, repeat.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging in September of 2016. I started because it got me curious during Friendster days. I always hear the word blog and I don’t even understand what it is and what it means. Even if I already saw one, I still don’t understand why you would write something about yourself and make it like a public diary. As blogging evolved over time and niches became a standard, my curiosity level went up.

My blogging interest elevated after seeing the travel and food niches. I suddenly felt a desire to have one but shyness and fear held me back. Can I really do this? I am afraid of online bashers. I am concerned about judgmental minds out there. Can I really deliver? So, my friends convinced me and pushed me to do what I really want. There’s no risk and loss in trying. Besides, you can’t please everyone, so, you don’t blog to impress. You blog to express and to communicate with people who are interested. I convinced myself to make this also my public and online diary. So yeah, I made it and now have my own web space.

What do you think makes your blog unique from other blogs?

I am not a writer. I have limited vocabulary. (Editors note: I strongly disagree, though, Andi! I think you write well!) I guess I’m not that confident in writing. So, if there is something unique in my blog, it is the writing. It’s like written by a simple-minded person. Also, my posts are firsthand experiences. I try to capture every great moment that I could to keep it for myself and for those who will read my blog. Lastly, I do not use filters and fancy texts over an image. I’m bad and lazy at editing. I only do minimal editings like brightness and contrast. But using filters to make your food look like purplish is no to me. No hate, I just don’t like it.

Who are your inspirations when it comes to blogging?

My inspirations in blogging are those who are experienced bloggers already. Let’s say David Guison. I guess it’s all about the perks of doing stuff you like and still have time for yourself. If blogging can give you an earning then this is my dream job and an inspiration. I don’t dream to become a celebrity, but I want to be a well-known person who helps connect people and earn as an online influencer.

Blogging has its up and downs, highs and lows. What is your number one advice for fellow bloggers to ‘survive’ in the blogosphere?

Being noticed is already hard if you are a starter. My ultimate advice is to be consistent. Consistency is the key. Write meaningful and sensible content. Write for yourself because that’s the only way you can express your true self. In time, people will find you, people will relate to you. When that time comes, you’ll have your audience. That’s the time you will write not only for yourself but for your readers as well.

What are your goals for your blog?

My ultimate goal is to make earnings from my blog. Seriously, I want my blog to be a genuine source of help to everyone interested in Travel and Food. And in turn, it will give me enough earnings to live and to save up for my dream stuff like car, house & lot, and side businesses. Wow, it’s so big. I don’t know if that’s gonna come true someday. But who knows? That’s how I see and imagine it years from now. All I have to do is work on it. 😊

Any blog recommendations for your fellow bloggers/readers?

I don’t really recommend blogs because for me it’s all about the writing style, personality, and connection. I started out reading random blogs, and connected and related to the writer through his/her thoughts, writing style, and personality. Blogs that I read may not be interesting for you even if you are interested in the niche. So, go ahead and explore the blogosphere. You will find the blogs that fit your taste.

How can we reach you? 

OMG, I hope you can send me a letter and some regards. LOLJK 😊

Blog   |  Facebook   |   Instagram   |  Twitter

Lastly, any tips for new bloggers?

I personally suggest that you invest in a self-hosted site. Because you call it your own if is self-hosted. Yeah, it costs some bucks but you’ll do it anyway in the future. So, invest in your personal domain and choose the best hosting site to build your very own personal space on the world wide web.

Bae’s Note:

Honesty hour: I only read Andi’s answers as I proofread them. It really feels humbling to know a person like Andi. For one, I didn’t know he had these life hurdles. I always saw him as a bubbly person who carried himself well right from Day 1. It’s humbling to know that amazing people like him started small. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Andi at the beginning (and I’m sure he still has hurdles to this day), but I’d like to believe that because of his positive disposition, he has earned people’s love, respect, and trust in just a short span of time. 

Because, really, it’s not hard to like a person like Andi. You learn a lot from positive people like him. Yes, I need him in my life. I need more good juju obviously. 😂

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