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Exploring Fonts + How to Install Fonts on OS X El Capitan Tutorial


This is not in my draft list but let me go ahead and do this.

I realized that no matter what the font I use for my header, I always end up wanting something else. It just seems like no font speaks enough of me, I guess I could buy a digital pad or something to create my own fonts, but that’s a different story and I’m not yet that willing to invest in something so expensive (or not. I haven’t really done any research on that) and besides, granted that I have something like that, I wouldn’t know how to use it anyway. LOL.

As a temporary fix, I decided to download a bunch of free fonts online. I saw some nice fonts but I will still have to see how it turns out with “The Bae Blogs” typed in. Sometimes, no matter how nice the font is, it doesn’t match the text, you know? And for a perfectionist like me, finding the right font is tiring more than fun, trust me, I’ve been there a million times already.

I couldn’t remember how I installed my first batch of downloaded fonts before but I remember blogging about it in Tumblr (see, that’s why blogging is a useful craft and not just a saturated trend in the market!) but for the benefit of those who no longer want to open a new tab, let me just paste an excerpt here: 

For OS X Yosemite users (sorry, I can only speak for that OS), simply go to Applications, type in Library in the Search bar, look for that blue folder, click on FontsCollections, select Command+Shift+G, and type in /library/fonts and you will see the files for each font in your laptop. Delete the “Microsoft” folder because you won’t be needing that. From that, simply drag the font/s you downloaded from Downloads folder and there you have it! Make sure you only drag the font itself and not the entire zip file! Restart your Mac and once you log in again, your new fonts will be available for use. To check, go to MS Word, and see if your fonts are there – which should be.

Just like before, I slowly became impatient and agitated when I couldn’t find which is where but when I followed the steps I wrote before (I made a little tweak on this), voila! Right then and there, my fonts were installed. I still shut my laptop down, though, to be sure that everything installed properly. Prior that, I didn’t check if the fonts were already available in my MS Word.

Oh, and a little note, I’m already using OS X El Capitan, but the same steps apply. The steps above are a bit manual, though, but there’s an easier method if you just want to install everything with a breeze.

You can try this instead:

Finder > Applications > FontBook > Click the + Sign on the upper right side > *Add fonts*

Since I feel extra nice today, here are screencaps to avoid confusion (I don’t want you to have a hard time learning things that are not in your field. I know how it feels like to want to give up when you’re not even halfway there. So much headache.):

Finder > Applications > FontBook > Click the + Sign on the upper right side > *Add font

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.01.11 PM.png

Finder > Applications > Font Book > Click the + Sign on the upper right side > *Add font


Finder > Applications > Font Book > Click the + Sign on the upper right side > *Add font


A helpful tip: Just so you wouldn’t have a hard time adding the fonts one by one, collect all your downloaded fonts (found in Finder > Downloads) into one folder in your Desktop. Finally notice the name “New Fonts”?

They usually come in ZIP files so make sure to open each one until you find the font folder that looks exactly like the ones above. It’s a little time consuming if you download a bunch of fonts like I did, but it’ll benefit you later on when you install them. You can easily Select All and install the fonts simultaneously so it’s no hassle at all.

That’s it! Easy, right? I hope this quick tutorial helped. If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to Google them because I’m not an expert with this. LOL. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you’re wondering what fonts I downloaded, here are a few of my favorites:


Thanks for reading,



    • Bae Milanes

      Thanks, Jae! I’ll keep that in mind when I upgrade my OS. I went over, sideways, and under just to find a clear tutorial on that. I think I experimented a bit before I got a foolproof shortcut because those tutorials online are simply sabaw.

      • Jae

        Bahaha! I figured how on my own. I like tinkering with my computer’s functions and settings, but I’m in the same way scared to mess things up!

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