How to Experience The Dominican Republic Like A Local

How to Experience The Dominican Republic Like A Local

The Dominican Republic is a nation in the Caribbean which prides itself on their beautiful beaches, getaway resorts, and most importantly, their culture. In order to fully immerse oneself in the vast and unique beauty of the Dominican Republic, however, it’s a good idea to try and experience the country just like a local would, and one easy way to do that is to stray from the typical hotel stays and instead book yourself your very own rental home. There are many homes for rent in the Dominican Republic, and some of the most beautiful and elegant vacation homes can be found at the Luxury Retreats website.

Traveling to a foreign place can be great, but there’s so much more than just partying and staying at hotels and resorts. If one were to fully dive into the amazing country that is the Dominican Republic, they would see that there’s so much more to the Caribbean country than just breathtaking sights and friendly locals. If you want to have one of the best travel experiences ever, then here’s how to experience the Dominican Republic like a local:

1.) Eat the locals’ food

The five star, high class restaurants in the country are more than mouthwatering but the cheaper local food is incredibly satisfying as well.

  • Go around the cities and streets and try out their delicious everyday meals, such as the Mangu which is a delicious plantain mash and an amazing spinoff on the typical mashed potatoes.
  • Another delicious meal to have is the Sancocho, which is essentially a 7 meat stew that will make you feel warm and right at home even though you’re in another country.
  • Want a taste of the Dominican Republic’s delicious home-grown plantations? You can also drive around and visit the roadside stands, which serve up delicious fruits and fruit slices which vary depending on the season, and for a very cheap price at that.

2.) Visit the breathtaking beaches and seaside sights

One of the crowning jewels of the Dominican Republic are the nation’s amazing beaches, which boast crystal clear waters as well as paper white sands- beautiful places to visit whether you want to take a swim in the dazzling waters or just stroll around and take in the exuberant atmosphere which many tourists come back to again and again. Don’t know where to start? It’s hard to, given all of the options to choose from, but some of the best beaches are:

  • Playa Rincon
  • Playa Boca Chica
  • Punta Cana

Another great choice is to go around and visit the small, lesser known beaches around the Dominican Republic so you can avoid the crowds as well as meet some locals, and possibly even befriend them! When it comes to beaches, going off road is a great idea, to avoid the large crowds and find a personal secret paradise of your own.

3.) Talk to locals, get toured by locals

As the popular saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” The best way to fully immerse yourself in the culture of the Dominican Republic is to befriend the locals during your travels. Go around the beaches, ask about their local culture and all about their beautiful country.

The Dominican Republic is known for having some of the friendliest locals in the entire world so don’t be shy- most of them will surely be happy to tell you all about it. You never know, after all, they might just show you some of the best hole in the wall spots around the cities.

When booking tours around the country, it is best to find a local who knows what they are doing so you can get the full experience in the Dominican Republic as well as get to fully appreciate and enjoy the heritage of the small nation.

4.) Go on thrilling adventures 

Going on hype-inducing adventures is another way to enjoy your time in the Dominican Republic, as well as a way to properly appreciate the sights and sounds of the nation. Some great options are to go horseback riding and ziplining, and there are many resorts and beach centres who have structures made for exactly that purpose, such as the Punta Cana resort as well as the Scape Park which hosts both zipline rides as well as horseback rides, allowing you to get the thrill and the rush all while gaining appreciation of the Dominican Republic’s nature and landscapes.

5.) See the wildlife

Not only are the Dominican Republic’s landscapes and beaches a thing to marvel, but so their animals and wildlife, which are just as lively as the country itself. You can see the local fishes and aquatic animals at the Ocean World Adventure water park, if marine life is something you enjoy.

If you prefer going on Safaris as well, however, the country has got just the thing for you. You can go on a safari land through Monkey land and appreciate the hard work of the farmers in the area, and get to know all about their organic planting methods. There are also other safaris in the Dominican Republic bound to give you more insight on the country, locals, and the culture which will help you think and feel like a local as well.  

This place is really magical,
is it now a part of your bucketlist?

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