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Design Your Health 2016: Post-Event

Last Saturday, October 8th, Iris of Earth Love Skin and I went to Mandala Park, Mandaluyong City for the Design Your Health 2016 fair. It is the first time Design Your Health is working with Unilab to promote a fair centered on holistic health, but they aim to make this an annual event, so if I were you, I’d start being on the lookout for this event. There are so many nice local products you’ll discover – I know I did! If only I brought a bag of money with me, I would have gone home with a lot of goodies.

Read more to know what I’m talking about!

So again, what’s #DesignYourHealth?

Design Your Health is a 2-day holistic health and wellness fair that aims to promote holistically healthy lifestyle. It showcases the importance of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual activities that affect the overall design of your health and well-being.

Aimed towards entrepreneurial moms, young professionals, and health-conscious consumers, Design Your Health proposes a unique approach to wellness. Attendees and participants were treated to a healthy mixture of stores, workshops, clinics, and talks that introduced and showcased a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Iris and I scheduled to meet after lunch, but because of the incredibly heavy traffic, the rain, and the fact that it’s a weekend, our date started past scheduled, but we still had a good time. We were able to roam around the entire fair and check out the local products an hour before the fair closed. It was already 6 pm when we got to Mandala Park, so my apologies if the photos are a little dark!

I could say that the fair was pretty intimate. There were a number of stalls, workshop venues on the sides, and a picnic-themed eating area at the center. We entered the venue, registered our names, and got loots right then and there!

This is a pretty nice Pledge Wall. It encourages you to take better care of your health through a pledge. I saw some pledges like “I will sleep earlier than midnight”, “I will eat healthier”, “I will aim for 8 hours of sleep”, and other similar statements.

Iris asking about the burgers, perhaps. 🙂
Aside from burgers, they also sell cakes. Yum!
The first time that I saw this art was from a highschool teacher from way back, although I have never tried it before since I figured that it’s the same with coloring, except you’re using clay-like material here. They had a “Buy 2 Take 1” promo during the time of the event, and I think that’s nice, considering that it makes a great gift for the little ones like your baby cousins or siblings, or for people who are inclined to art.

I asked the lady how I’ll know if the clay is already dry, she said that if the color becomes desaturated or changes, then that’s it. I personally cannot tell just from looking at it, though. LOL! Maybe I should try doing this sometime so I know. What do you think?

Himalayan Salt turned into local goods for your hygiene needs? Yes, please!
I like how they put benches in the center of the venue. This allows workshop participants and customers to rest in between their workshop activities and shopping spree.
Iris and I took our time to take in the ambiance of the event on one of these benches while we munched on cookies from Healthynuggetss.

I know what you’re thinking. These plants would make excellent decorations for your Instagram posts. Hah!
But, of course, let’s not be self-absorbed and buy products for a cause. 😉
Books for the little ones. 🙂

I’m particularly fond of this brand – Gouache. View the next photos to learn why.

This brand immediately caught my eye when I saw the bags on display. Even before going to the fair, I saw a photo of their bag posted by no other than @designyourhealth on Instagram and I promised myself to check out (just check out, not buy!) this brand when I get there, which I did! It’s not as expensive as I thought. This bag I was holding costs about P2,000, and mind you, it is huge!
“Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious?” – Stevie Wonder

I got curious with this Ice Pops stall so Iris and I tried a stick each.
So this is what it looks like. They shake this huge pot before getting a stick and then they put the steel container into a bowl of hot water to remove the ice pops. So yes, I kind of interviewed the vendor while paying for my ice pops.
I tried the Wild Berries flavor. It was good, although I had a hard time finishing it because I don’t know how to eat ice pops. 🙁 I mean, I’m a slow eater so I always prefer my dessert in a bowl or cup. But that’s just me!
Wild Berries Ice Pop
I love native gourmet food like gourmet tuyo for one. It took me everything not to buy a mason jar because I had limited cash with me and I still another event to attend after this fair, so I couldn’t splurge. But I definitely would if I could! I’m particularly curious about the Taba ng Talangka because… (some might find this gross but) I love that stuff!
Crap photo, but pretty packaging!
These soap bars look divine, wouldn’t you agree?

If you follow me on my social media accounts, particularly on Instagram, you would know that I can’t stop yapping about Healthy Nuggetss. Isn’t it amazing how you can eat chicken nuggets knowing that it’s packed with nutritious ingredients? They’re literally made with vegetables – carrots, malunggay, and squash (and, of course, chicken nuggets). If you’re not a vegetable eater, maybe this can be a good start for you. 🙂
So they have regular chicken nuggets, and cheese chicken nuggets. I kind of regret now not buying one plastic container. If I did, I’d probably eat every last bite and not share anything with my family. Yes, I’m selfish with food I like. :p And also, who doesn’t like cheese in their nuggets, right?!

Gotta try these cookies, might as well since we were already there!
Follow them on Instagram @healthynuggetss! 🙂
I believe these cookies are also made of vegetables and chocolates.
The verdict: 7/10. They’re chewy cookies, which I like more than crunchy ones since I have a sweet tooth. It tastes expensive, but not so with the price. This whole container has 7 cookies and only costs P90.

Try to attend health-focused fairs like this so you can also support local products. If you know me, you’d know I’m all for that. This is one of the reasons I love blogging, I get to share helpful information to my readers while helping brands increase their brand awareness to their market. Fortunately, I am also their market! <3

As always, thank you for reading,


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