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December Accomplishments

And just like that, 2017 is coming to a close. We always complain about the days being too long. but we near the end, yet we wonder where the year went. As always, before we close this book – not just a chapter – I want to share my December accomplishments. 

  1. BIRTHDAY DINNER FOR NANAY. We arranged a birthday dinner for my grandma (mother’s side). It was nothing fancy, but we made sure to decorate the place with balloons and wall hangings. Everyone was there, including her sisters who even drove all the way from Tarlac. It was a good birthday. I sensed Nanay’s happiness. 
  2. “BUDGET CHRISTMAS GIFTS” BLOG POST. I wrote a blog post on budget Christmas gifts for last minute shopping and featured some friends’ businesses. I really tried to focus on local products since huge companies are already rich. Let’s give the small business entrepreneurs a chance. In case you missed it, you can read it here
  3. LEARNED TO PLAY THE GUITAR. I’m the most tune deaf person I know so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m not musically inclined. But this time, I wanted to be able to do something with my hands aside from type words and do house chores, so I taught myself to play a guitar. It was timely since Jec has been having lots of gigs, which also made me curious why they’re addicted to music. 
  4. INTIMATE AFFAIRS BLOG POST. Before the year ended, I attended one important talk that focuses on women’s health. The event was last November, and the blog post was published this December. Read all about what I learned from the talk here
  5. FIRST FOOD EVENT. This month, I also attended my first food event. I’m not sure what usually happens in a food event, but this time, it was a buffet so we were free to replenish our plates. I also met interesting people in that event. We even added each other on Facebook! 🙂 
  6. GETTING THINGS DONE. I discovered this method called Getting Things Done, which helps you organize your to do’s and declutter you brain from random thoughts. It worked for me since now I can see which projects to prioritize, and I get reminded that I still have stuff to do so I can’t have any more random thoughts for now. HAHA. I know it’s weird to hear, but hey, that’s how the system affects my thinking! Now I find myself having lesser random thoughts. If I do have them, I think first if they’re worth pursuing before I write them down. Not worth it? I throw them in my imaginary brain trash bin. 
  7. BOOKS THAT HELPED ME COPE WITH QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS. Before I wrote the blog post, I made a Twitter poll on what they wanted to read more: ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ or ‘Books that impacted my life’. They chose the former. So here’s the blog post. Disclaimer: It’s a semi-spiritual read. 
  8. MINIMALISM PROJECT. I don’t know what triggered me, but one day (night, actually), I was feeling restless, so I started decluttering our closet. I was tired of seeing our clothes constantly spilling over because of the weight and the unorganized folding. You can read about my minimalism projects here: Clothes | Makeup
  9. LEARNED HOW TO IRON CLOTHES. Working from home, and staying at home when you have no work makes it a really boring holiday, to be honest. I was so bored, so I learned how to iron. We have no help so we do all the chores, but since I don’t know how to iron, some of our clothes have been stashed away because they’re all crumpled. It was such a waste to have nice clothes but not wear them just because of that reason. Now my dominant hand (right) hurts and I’m surprised I can even type. 
  10. STARTED BUILDING MY CAPSULE WARDROBE. I don’t go out often, but when I do, I always end up wearing unfashionable clothes because I don’t shop. And I don’t have a good fashion sense. But I challenged myself to build a capsule wardrobe to always have my go-to clothes if all else fails. I made sure I bought versatile pieces so I can wear them for a long time and all the time! 
  11. BALANGAY SUNSET CRUISE. It was not nice having motion sickness for 2 hours, but it was nice being away from the pollution of Manila. Read all about Jec and I’s experience here

What about you?
What were your accomplishments this month?

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