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Dear Millennial,


I bet you did it again.

I bet you scrolled through your feed, double tapped to your heart’s desire, and left feeling a bit…empty.

You are here, they are there.

This is your reality, and it is far from what you want it to be.

How easy it is to forget to revel in the tiny, good things when you are constantly bombarded with the covetous, the grand, and the brilliant. How easy it is to forget reality when all you see are perfectly filtered and impeccably curated lives – a form of art in itself – through your phone’s glowing screen.

If you forget, these are people too. They experience the same things as you – rejection, pain, heartbreak. They are as infinitesimal, as feeling as you.

If you forget, your story is yours alone. You are too young to feel this empty. Do not waste your youth living another person’s life because you refuse to bask in the glory, the possibility of yours.

Take all the time that you need. You do not need to carry the weight of the world. Do everything lightly, and you may just find yourself soaring.

I hope you see how spectacular you can be. Tell your story. The world will listen.

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