Date Night: Beeffalo x The Minokaua 

Date Night: Beeffalo x The Minokaua 

Last Saturday, Dec. 30, Jec and I had dinner at Beeffalo, and drinks at The Minokaua. I’ve already been to Beeffalo twice. I don’t like steak, but Beeffalo’s is so good I thought Jec would like it.

And I’m glad he did! He didn’t order the Baby Back Ribs that I thought he’d like – instead he ordered the Porterhouse Steak which he couldn’t stop gushing about. He also liked the Roasted Pumpkin Soup.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup, PHP 100
Baby Back Ribs (Served with Java Rice), PHP 315

As always, we gave each other bits of our food for sharing. That night, I learned that Porterhouse Steak is perfect either with vegetables or mashed potatoes. It’s actually the kind of steak I don’t like – dry. I always opt for saucey steaks like the baby back ribs so I could have more flavour. Besides, I’m good with my java rice. 😍 Beeffalo also has unique mashed potatoes so you might want to try it when you decide to try the restaurant.

Porterhouse Steak (Served with Mashed Potatoes or Vegetable Salad) (250g), PHP 435 & House Iced Tea, PHP 66

It’s not a cheap restaurant, so I’d suggest eating there on a special occasion. Hehe.

It was also The Minokaua’s year ender open jam where jazzers were invited to jam with the regulars. When we went there, we were an hour early so we went to Roxas Boulevard first. Anyway it was just a walking distance away.

I kinda reminisced the first time Jec and I went there on our first date. We literally sat on the sideline and just took photos, but it was so memorable for me. We just photos again and stayed there for a bit before going back to Minokaua. And even then, we still waited because the band wasn’t playing yet.

When we got to the second floor, it was apparent that their regular customers were mostly titos and titas, even some grandmas and grandpas. It was really chill and the musicians all sounded professional. It’s like they didn’t need any sound check before any set – salang agad.

It was really the first time I enjoyed myself in a bar. Most of the time, I just sit there, listen to some songs, and then proceed to doing whatever on my phone. This time, I didn’t touch my phone except to take photos and videos, which I missed, to be honest. You know I like what I’m hearing when I take videos nonstop. I wasn’t familiar with most of the drinks so we just ordered Heineken. Conclusion: I don’t like its taste. Hehe.

Aside from the chill and artsy aesthetic of the place, it was also safe. Despite the bar being along Adriatico, which is where you’d also easily find men’s bars, the abundance of titos and titas in the audience added to the “safety” of the place. Like I told Jec, it didn’t seem like a place that is inviting with rambles.

Back to the music, there were amazing jammers that night like the drummer, the singer, and the trumpeter. We loved the singer’s voice. Jec said she sounded like a black woman, but she actually looked Chinese. LOL. I’m not sure who else jammed since Jec and I already left at 1:30 am. We were supposed to be home by midnight, but we were having too much fun! There was also a free Heineken for all from midnight to 1 am.

It’s such a chill place and I want to go back. I even told some friends about it – at least the ones who appreciate Jazz. If If I feel adventurous enough, maybe I’ll try some of their cocktails. But I doubt I’d like them. 😂


135 Hoover St., San Juan City – (02) 636-5571


1951 M. Adriatico St., Manila – 09178845089


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