The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently



(Planning to read) The Bible. I’m not yet sure what novel to read next. I just finished Candy Gourlay’s Shine. What can I say, fantastic book! 🙂


My first “The Sunday Currently”, as brought about by Kristia’s pressure to read my first volume. LOL.


Gandang Gabi Vice (w/ Claudine Baretto as guest) before calling it a day. This morning, I watched Jane The Virgin’s S01E01 with kuya.


To TV sounds. On Spotify, I currently listen mostly to Acoustic playlists, Deep Focus playlist, Happy/Lighten Up, Man/#ThatSongWhen playlist, or a lot of POP. When I’m in the right mood, I turn to Jazz, or sometimes Blues.


Of work – or the lack of time for it. Thinking what will happen in the coming weeks when brothers start going to work and school, and I will be the only one left at home most of the time to do all household chores + my work. How?????


We’ll have a help soon, even a temp, just to help me lighten up with the house chores, and cook meals for us, at least dinner plenty enough to cross over lunch the next day.


My new MAC lipstick. 🙂

That I’m learning how to use VSCOcam filters more properly + experimenting with filters that are turning out good so far.

Random people reading my blog. Who could have thought? 🙂 All this time, I thought I was only speaking to myself. LOL.



I miss going to gym, and I think I should use my latest purchases more often (even though I’m going religiously and banging it hard every time), I feel like I’m not using them enough and I still feel bad for shopping online, cos sometimes I would rather pay with cash (you know, to tone down the spending a bit), but DUH, THATS WHY ONLINE SHOPS EXIST.


To stop spending.. or more like, splurging, and take my August Shopping Ban seriously. You’re going hiking pretty soon, Bae. If you wanna pack with a good bag, you better start saving! 


Having tired eyes, 50 not wearing my glasses all day/ 50 too much gadget.

Calves are still sore, but it’s nothing a two day rest from gym won’t fix. Feeling emotionally better now. 🙂

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