Chill For Work Playlist (Spotify)

Chill For Work Playlist (Spotify)

I’m normally not very picky with the songs I listen to when I work. I usually listen to my Jazz playlist or The Piano Bar as my go-to playlists; when I’m feeling a bit adventurous, I go ahead and explore music on Spotify. That rarely happens, though, because I like staying in my safe zone.

However, when I want to really focus on work, I can’t be bothered to jump from one playlist to another. I just want to settle with one playlist (preferably with all songs I would like). But we know there’s no such playlist like that on Spotify. One way or another, you’d be forced to create your own playlist. So that’s why I did. I didn’t know I was already making my own chill playlist until I realized that the songs I’ve been listening to lately have some similarities – easy vocals, mellow tunes, and pretty much laid back music.

I’m not gonna lie, Camie inspired me to create this playlist. So don’t be surprised if you find some songs that you’ve already heard in her previous playlists. Anyway, these playlist is composed of songs that I wouldn’t mind having on loop all day. They’re pretty chill that they’re not gonna distract you from work at all. At the same time, they’ll keep your foot tapping.

Let me know how you find this playlist. If you know some songs I should add, let me know. Comment below. I would really appreciate it! ❤️

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