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    Photo Dump • Clark Veterans Cemetery | Nayong Pilipino

    My younger brother, Estong, took a photography class in Intramuros just last month. In order to improve in his craft, he wanted to go to Baguio and take photos. Unfortunately, we didn’t push through with it because the weather was bad, so we went to Pampanga instead. We got a hotel for an overnight stay and went home the very next day. Surprisingly, we were able to go to a lot of places. Unsurprisingly, I took a lot of photos. I’ve been meaning to do this photo dump blog post from weeks ago already, I was just prioritizing other blog posts. Hehe. Anyway, here you go. I took the pictures…

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    The Manila Bae: Exploring Manila By Feet | Vol. 2

    I didn’t know that my The Manila Bae blog post would have a second volume. But since I don’t have a specific title for this blog post, I used The Manila Bae again. I hope you don’t mind. We did explore Manila. It’s just difficult to think of a particular title when we went to so many different places. Anyway, Jec and I went on another #walkathon date. Why do I refer to it as that, you may ask. Well, for the simple reason that we literally walk the entire day until our feet hurt or we have nothing else to do or it starts raining and we have to…

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    The Manila Bae: Exploring Manila By Feet

    The last week has been dragging. I could feel my words hanging loosely in my articles. None of them made sense and I couldn’t even feel my own voice in them. Something is not right. I usually feel this when I write too much for consecutive days that work starts to feel more like a chore than something that I naturally enjoy and look forward to. To battle this, I long for some sort of adventure I can immerse myself in. I told Jec that I wanted to go walk the streets of Manila and take pictures using his DSLR, which I don’t have. He said yes, so off we…

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    How I Commuted From San Juan City to SM North EDSA

    Yesterday, September 10, I went out on a date with a good friend, Nikki. We scheduled to meet at nine .a.m., a few hours after her work shift (she works graveyard). Being the close-fisted girl that I am, I chose to take the typical Philippine public vehicles to get to my destination, knowing in my heart that it would be a bit stressful and far. But I also know it’s going to be way cheaper. Haha! I’m writing this blog post so it can be a reference for others who are going to the same spots I did but do not know how. I’m known for being easily lost (I…

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    Skyjet Piso Promo Fare @ SMX Convention Center

    Yesterday, Sept. 3 (Saturday), Jec and I went to SMX Convention Center with hopeful hearts that we would get promo fare tickets, specifically to Batanes since he has always wanted to go back there and I’ve never been there before but grew curious of the place since I saw the movie You’re My Boss. Hehe. From what people say, you will love Batanes once you step foot on her, but she’ll also break your heart when you’re about to leave. Now that’s the kind of love story I’d want to be in and experience. I wouldn’t mind having my heart broken by her as I know that she’ll always be there.

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    A Day in Manila

    I woke up this morning dreading the day ahead. I’ve never been particularly fond of Monday, but it was somehow harder for me to get up because I’ve been MIA from work for weeks because of my recent dengue so that somehow meant that I needed to start from scratch and tap the writer in me. Fortunately for me, work is light today, so I don’t have to go on full-blown writer mode. My tasks are enough to put me back on track. Having spent the last few days in the hospital and at home made me crave for an adventure again. The last time that I was out and about…