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    My July BeautyMNL Haul

    “You should be spending as much time doing your skincare routine as you would do your makeup.” I don’t know who said that or if that’s a real quote, but I read that somewhere. Anyway, let me tell you something about myself. I love makeup. I love playing with makeup. I love discovering the different ways that I can experiment with colors while making myself look pretty. Men will never get it, but I’m sure some of us consider makeup as art.

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    Inspiring Success Stories From Bar and Board Passers (Success The MLQU Way)

    I have a friend who is a frustrated lawyer. Let’s call him James. James has a passion for politics, law, government, and the like. His Facebook account could be a proxy for Facebook news pages because of the abundance of news updates he posts on a daily basis. James breathes and lives politics. His genuine interest in the field has led him to follow prominent figures in the industry and to continuously gain knowledge through and from those people. Ask him anything about any current events happening in the country and he mostly has his own opinions on them. Like most, he also has his own political views and preferences.…

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    Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Silent Burden

    Here’s something we seldom talk about but should – sex. But I’m not talking about just sex. I’m talking about love making, relationships, real orgasm, and sexual health. March is women’s month, and I think it’s timely that we talk about things concerning women. Our country is starting to talk openly about menstruation (thank heavens, we’re finally catching up with other countries!). Other than that, another subject that seems so taboo (still) but shouldn’t be is, you guessed it, S-E-X. So, yeah, let’s talk about sex, baby.

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    Unionbank Hackathon 3.0 | Pre-Hack Concert

    Last Friday, November 25, my brother, Mari of Mari Milanes Photography, and I were invited to cover the U:Hac Pre-Concert Hackathon Event at PBA Cafe in Pasig. Ultimately, the goal was to announce what will happen on the event itself, which was held last November 26-27, as well as the prizes, mechanics, and other coverages of the event such as the topics the hackers can cover in their apps. It was a fun event, to say the least. Everyone was in a light mood despite the traffic jam, the sudden rain, and it being a Friday night. After all the technical talks, jokes to lighten up the mood included, all…