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    Budget Self-Love Dates For Introverts

    More often than not, our minds need a break without us knowing. We shrug off our stress – whether internal or external – and go back to our business. But when the worst happens – like a major mental breakdown you didn’t see coming – you need to take a break from your routine and face the elephant in the room. When we experience some sort of mental distress, it’s almost always unexpected. And we don’t always have the budget to blow to take care of ourselves. So we just sulk and feel bad for being broke human beings.  But upon holding my own self-love dates, I realized one major…

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    How To Handle A Relationship With A Big Age Gap

    I like older men. Not just in terms of romantic relationships. I like talking to older people in general because I feel they make more sense and people my age are usually just after the “small talks.” I get along with women in their 30’s really well while I usually find myself crying on the inside when left with a group of people my own age.  And because of that, I took it to the next level and closed off all windows and doors and gates to men that are my age and below. To be fair, I never dated anyone my own age. It was always a guy a…

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    11 Accomplishments Last October

    I can’t say I felt last month’s accomplishments, but apparently there were a lot! So I’m not gonna prolong this intro. Let me share with you the 11 accomplishments I did last month. 

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    Van Gogh Is Bipolar | My First Dining Experience

    It’s been months since I wanted to check out this particular restaurant. I read what few reviews I could find online, checked out photos on Instagram, and bombarded Jec with questions. I was convinced that I was gonna love it nevertheless. The reviews online were enough to make me want to go there ASAP. Finally, I got enough moolah to spend on a fancy dinner so I made a reservation and finally, a week ago (October 15, 2017), Jec and I went to Van Gogh is Bipolar along Maginhawa St. in QC. 

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    September Accomplishments

    September wasn’t eventful for me, goals-wise. I’d like to think that whenever I get a full-time job, I zoom in on that and tend to forget everything else. Or at least, have lesser time for other things since a typical full-time job entails 8 hours of continuous work per day for 5 days in a week.   

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    My ‘Anxiety’ Story | #WorldMentalHealthDay

    #WorldMentalHealthDay was just around the corner and I’m just about to write my entry on it today. On October 10, I witnessed a lot of my online friends posting about #WorldMentalHealthDay. I honestly didn’t know such a day exists, but I’m glad it does. I saw close acquaintances and strangers tweet their thoughts, share their own experiences and recovering tips, post their stories on Facebook, and basically celebrate the day. 

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    16 Things I Accomplished Last August

    It’s already the middle of September and I’m still in denial. I looked at my bullet journal this morning and saw “11” staring back at me. I was kind of taken a back. I was surprised. 11? As in it’s already September 11? I couldn’t believe it. 2 weeks left until October, then November’s gonna roll in. Then it’s Christmas time, then a new year all over again. I know I complain about the days being long, but I didn’t see this year rolling in this fast.