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    Self-Love: Body 

    On serendipity, I started my #selflove journey on the first day of the year. I was curious so I picked up this book and things started to flow from there. For the longest time, I had struggles with my body. But the biggest challenge so far was in 2017 when I lost control over my eating. I became complacent. Albeit his constant reminder to be mindful of what I eat, I knew my boyfriend accepted me as a whole, flabs and all.

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    This Year I Promise To Try

    Last year, I didn’t even try to do or be anything. For the most part, I settled. I accepted where I was, what I did, what my everyday looked like. I didn’t have aims to be anything or anybody. I didn’t call the shots and I just went where people dragged me. It was both exhausting and uplifting, good and bad. 

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    Over The Weekend 

    It’s kind of a challenge being positive today as I’m nursing really bad stomach cramps due to my period. But it might not be that bad – I just don’t get cramps so maybe I’m not used to the feeling.  Anyway, bad stuff aside, it was quite a weekend for me. Albeit having to spend a couple of days by myself almost the entire day everyday, I got to take advantage of those days by spending time with my guy. 

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    2017: What Went Down 

    2017. How do I even start. It was a whirwind of all sorts. By far it was the most stressful, yet the most beautiful in every way. I gained and I lost. Yet I want to believe I gained more. 

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    December Accomplishments

    And just like that, 2017 is coming to a close. We always complain about the days being too long. but we near the end, yet we wonder where the year went. As always, before we close this book – not just a chapter – I want to share my December accomplishments. 

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    The Most Intimate Makeover Ever

    V-Restore: Women Taking Control of their Health and Satisfaction A lot of us women are scared of having ourselves checked down there – that’s a fact. While vaginal health is important, it often takes a backseat due to various reasons including fear, embarrassment, and misconception. We often feel embarrassed of sharing our reproductive health problems so even if we have to, we delay going to an OB-GYNE, or worse, never go at all. The only time that we do go is because we’re pregnant or are planning to be. Aside from getting a wax for hygienic purposes, we ignore everything else our ladies need. But vaginal health is important. So let’s…

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    November Accomplishments

    Hey, guys! How are you doing? We’re only a few weeks away from December and while I didn’t think much of my November accomplishments, I’m still gonna write this blog post for the sake of it. Not much happened so this is gonna be a little shorter than usual.