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    Over The Weekend 

    It’s kind of a challenge being positive today as I’m nursing really bad stomach cramps due to my period. But it might not be that bad – I just don’t get cramps so maybe I’m not used to the feeling.  Anyway, bad stuff aside, it was quite a weekend for me. Albeit having to spend a couple of days by myself almost the entire day everyday, I got to take advantage of those days by spending time with my guy. 

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    Bae Recommends: Kantina Sabel

    I would say this blog post is a bit of a restaurant review, but not entirely. I just want to share how I found the place because I personally believe it’s worth a visit especially if you’re just around the area. If you’re not, then at least you know a restaurant like this exists, right? Ain’t such a bad idea!  Also, I had a hard time finding blog reviews so I decided to write my own. 😀 A few weeks ago, Jec and Ellie (his colleague) had their first gig as (We Are) Choosy Beggars at Kantina Sabel in Bocobo St., Ermita. You’d think Kalaw Ave. is such a lonesome…

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    Photo Dump: Weekend Staycation at Pansol, Laguna (Day 1)

    Last Weekend (August 12-13), Jec and his friends set an outing at Pansol, Laguna. He had me tag along so I had the opportunity to meet his friends of 15+ years. It was nice seeing them gathered in the dining room, just chatting and chilling. It was like being in Big Brother’s house except we were all friends and no one’s backstabbing anyone for some TV drama and higher ratings.  It was a really chill weekend for me – something I could use after really flat days that has been going on for weeks now. Being with them was a nice break and I also made new friends, which is…

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    The Book Stop Project: Blind Date With A Book 📚

    May 5, 2017: Friday  I went to Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City to see what The Book Stop Project is all about. News about it circulated on Facebook and I naturally got intrigued with it since it’s all about books, which I’m a huge fan of. I may not be the voracious reader I hope to be, but I still appreciate books a lot. ❤️  I wasn’t able to attend the talk, “How Literature Affects Our Mental Health”, last Thursday because I had major DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) all over my body but I hoped to make up for it by participating in the “Blind Date With A…

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    Bae Eats | Long Hair’s Lugawan

    Since we started dating, Jec wouldn’t stop telling me about this Lugaw place in the marketplace near them. Well, alright, it’s literally called Marketplace. I would say the place is kind of isolated from the products sold in the market because you have to know the spot to get there. It’s not really visible from the outside. This particular lugaw place is called Long-Hair Lugawan. Long hair because it was started and managed by a man who had, you guessed it, long hair. While busy with his grandchildren, his family continues to manage the business. To this day, their allotted tables have already extended to the other stores so I guess those other…

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    Baguio City, November 2016

    Last month, my family and I went to Baguio City for the nth time this year. It was extremely cold. It was the first time I felt that way in Baguio because I would often do with a shirt and a pair of jeans, but this time, we were all wearing layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm. Of course, I took the opportunity to take photos for my blog. It rained on and off while we were there so I intentionally made the photos look a bit gloomy. DAY 1  We checked in, settled our stuff in the hotel room, and went out to explore the city.

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    Photo Dump: Gossip Coffee Shop, Baguio City ☕️

    Hi guys! I know, I know. I’ve been missing in action on my blog lately. Well, I have a good reason, though. I’ve been focusing on creating videos for my YouTube Channel and I’m really having fun! In the process, my blog has been gathering dust. Oops. I know I’ve been bombarding you with work-related blogs, too, so to make up for it, here’s a personal Baguio photo dump for you all! A few weeks ago, my family and I went to Baguio City to invite my grandma’s friend to her birthday party. My grandma didn’t know about it. My mom intentionally kept it a secret so keep things personal,…

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    Vlog: Bae Explores Manila Ep. 2 • Rizal Park

    Last Thursday, Jec and I went to Manila for another episode for my #BaeExploresManila series. This time, we went to Rizal Park. We also focused on the spots people don’t really go to, like Rizal’s Execution Site and La Madre Filipina. In line with Bonifacio Day, we shared some tidbits about Bonifacio. Just in case you don’t know what that huge monument beside SM Manila is called, that’s the Bonifacio Shrine. Behind it is the Kartilya Ng Katipunan. Go watch my vlog on my YouTube channel: Bae Milanes. ??  Watch the vlog here: