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    Photo Dump: Oh Wonder Solo Concert in Manila

    About 3 months ago, I checked off an item on my bucket list – #46. Go to a concert. On July 21, 2017, at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura, Taguig City, I saw Oh Wonder perform for the very first time. Back then, I had no idea about their music, their duo, etc. Basically, I was clueless. But I’m happy I got dragged into this concert because now I have new artists to listen to. I had Jhanzey with me that time so I was able to get a rundown on who Oh Wonder is, what their music is like, what I should expect, etc. 

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    Photo Dump: #FergINePerpetuity

    A week ago, Jec and I attended his cousin’s wedding. It was so beautiful and all sorts endearing and worth remembering. I almost brought a DSLR to capture nice photos but decided against it at the last minute since it would be so heavy and post-processing SLR pictures don’t really sit well with me. I ended up using my phone, a one-year-old iPhone 6S. Despite some blurred shots (I had to really zoom in on some instances), I think I captured the essence of the event. I hope I did justice! 

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    PHOTO DUMP | Pansol Weekend Staycation • Day II

    This is a photo dump of the pictures I took while we were “staycationing” in Pansol, Laguna. We only stayed at the resort for 2 days so it was kind of bitin. But on the second day, we had a lovely boodle fight for lunch, I was able to swim lapses, and I took a lot of nice photos. I claim it. Hehe. Enjoy the photos!

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    11 Ways To Appreciate Manila (More)

    With all her splendor and history, if you have never explored Manila before, you might have a hard time exploring her now, right? Good point. But it took me, what, less than 6 months to fall in love with her, all while doing these intentional activities. So yes, I’m going all out on you and giving you 11 ways to appreciate Manila (more) based on my personal experiences.  I will admit, being in a relationship with Jec brought a lot of opportunities for me. Him being a person of connection, I met a lot of people through him. I’m an introvert in nature so it’s obvious that I don’t have a lot…

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    #BaeTravels: Banaue Trip Day 3

    Hi, guys! I know I am already so behind on my Banaue blog posts, so let me make it up to you by writing this 3rd volume out of the 5. We spent five days in Banaue, so naturally, I would be writing 5 blog posts as well. On our third day, we woke up to the sun shining brightly at us, we had a hearty breakfast (mom’s choice), and then we went to Sagada for a quick trip. Ready for Day 3? Let’s go!

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    The Beauty & Chaos Of Devotion

    A couple of days have already passed by when I first laid eyes on the chaos and, at the same time, devotion that is the Feast of the Black Nazarene. The feeling still lingers although I’m sure it’s not a sepanx. A form, maybe, but more like the disbelief that I’ve finally seen this Feast with my own two eyes. To say that it was chaotic is an understatement. At one point, even Jec got nervous that something might happen because it was really wild in the crowd down there. We were already on the viewing deck of National Museum but somehow the devotees still found a way to go…

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    My First Traslacion Experience | #Traslacion2017

    In Jec’s words: In this area in Manila, January 9 is a concoction of religious activities, and the town’s aura of festivities as Quiapo happens to hold its town fiesta on the same day as the Black Nazarene’s Traslacion. So, you could see, the local townspeople, going with their respective celebrations at home – drinking, parlor games, karaoke sessions, and more merrymaking are being held, while the devotees, barefooted, with their dirty devotee Nazareno shirts on roaming around the town, too. You could see devotees resting, sleeping on the streets, the sidewalks, the gutters, while just a few meters away, videoke and drinking sessions, sometimes with local live bands could…