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    Our Balangay Sunset Cruise Experience

    A week ago, Jec and I joined a Balangay Sunset Cruise at Roxas Boulevard. I almost didn’t go because I was feeling lazy at the last minute, but since we already made reservations, we still went. And I enjoyed it a lot! Motion sickness and phobias aside, it was refreshing to be away from the noise of Manila even for 2 hours. There were less than 20 of us in the Balangay, so it was pretty intimate. The boat could fit more people, but I guess they really intended to make the cruise for a close group of people. I’m not very good at describing my experiences and recalling all…

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    The Book Stop Project: Blind Date With A Book 📚

    May 5, 2017: Friday  I went to Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City to see what The Book Stop Project is all about. News about it circulated on Facebook and I naturally got intrigued with it since it’s all about books, which I’m a huge fan of. I may not be the voracious reader I hope to be, but I still appreciate books a lot. ❤️  I wasn’t able to attend the talk, “How Literature Affects Our Mental Health”, last Thursday because I had major DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) all over my body but I hoped to make up for it by participating in the “Blind Date With A…

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    Escolta Fashion: Hipsters

    Yesterday, I volunteered to document the Escolta Block Party for Heritage Conservation Society (HCS). They didn’t really need the video, but I thought it would be good exposure for the street party. Escolta, for one, doesn’t get the proper recognition it gets, so what’s a little effort to make it more popular, right? As I roamed the streets of Escolta, I noticed some nicely dressed people. They sure scrub up good! I took the opportunity to ask pictures of them. I was already doing a lot of candid shooting, so I thought I’d just ask their permission for a photo. Anyway, it’s much nicer to have them smiling at the…

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    #BaeTravels: Banaue Trip Day 3

    Hi, guys! I know I am already so behind on my Banaue blog posts, so let me make it up to you by writing this 3rd volume out of the 5. We spent five days in Banaue, so naturally, I would be writing 5 blog posts as well. On our third day, we woke up to the sun shining brightly at us, we had a hearty breakfast (mom’s choice), and then we went to Sagada for a quick trip. Ready for Day 3? Let’s go!

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    #BaeTravels: Banaue Trip Day 1

    Hi, guys! I’m finally writing about our recent Banaue-Sagada trip, and I’m so excited because I have so much to share with you all! I’m gonna do a short disclaimer here and warn you that this is not my typical blog post wherein I take Instagrammable pictures and get so nitty-gritty with the layout and chronological order. What you’re about to see are just random shots I took (enhanced with VSCO app, of course) since I want to show you how we naturally spent our days sans the curated images. All in all, we spent 5 days in the North. We left even before dawn on Tuesday and went home…

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    My First Traslacion Experience | #Traslacion2017

    In Jec’s words: In this area in Manila, January 9 is a concoction of religious activities, and the town’s aura of festivities as Quiapo happens to hold its town fiesta on the same day as the Black Nazarene’s Traslacion. So, you could see, the local townspeople, going with their respective celebrations at home – drinking, parlor games, karaoke sessions, and more merrymaking are being held, while the devotees, barefooted, with their dirty devotee Nazareno shirts on roaming around the town, too. You could see devotees resting, sleeping on the streets, the sidewalks, the gutters, while just a few meters away, videoke and drinking sessions, sometimes with local live bands could…

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    Bae Explores Manila Ep.1 • Binondo | Escolta | Quiapo ??

    My readers know how much I love exploring Manila. I’ve been to a lot of the famous spots and museums already (even secret ones), but for you, I will do it again! I have a number of blog posts up on my blog but to know how it really feels to live in Manila and embrace its culture, I took it upon myself to create Manila Exploration vlogs. This is so you’ll know how it feels to be in Manila, to ride her public transportations, to eat her food, to walk her streets, etc. For my first episode, I went to Binondo, Escolta, and Quiapo, and may have shed a…

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    Photo Dump • Clark Veterans Cemetery | Nayong Pilipino

    My younger brother, Estong, took a photography class in Intramuros just last month. In order to improve in his craft, he wanted to go to Baguio and take photos. Unfortunately, we didn’t push through with it because the weather was bad, so we went to Pampanga instead. We got a hotel for an overnight stay and went home the very next day. Surprisingly, we were able to go to a lot of places. Unsurprisingly, I took a lot of photos. I’ve been meaning to do this photo dump blog post from weeks ago already, I was just prioritizing other blog posts. Hehe. Anyway, here you go. I took the pictures…