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    Life Lately | Vol. 19

    I have so many feelings right now and yet I want to have none.  I don’t find my thoughts deserving of either a 280-character tweet or intentional publication on my social media accounts so I’m writing a blog post instead. Because this is non-disruptive media and you don’t really need to read this. But if you already are, then.. hello. 

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    Life Lately | Vol. 18

    While I’ve been blogging a lot lately – actually more than I should – I feel like I’m writing too many filtered posts, so I’m gonna throw in a little bit of something personal about me. Welcome to another Life Lately blog post. I have a lot to share, so hold on tight. I have a lot to share, so hold on tight.

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    Life Lately | Vol. 17

    It’s funny how I didn’t do a Vlogmas for my YouTube channel because I thought this month would be uninteresting. Turns out I was wrong – it was far from uninteresting. So here’s an update on my life lately.

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    Life Lately | Vol. 16

    My blog has a new look. This deserves a new blog post, too. I haven’t posted a Life Lately blog post in a while and I take that as a good thing, seeing that I’m busy enough with my life to actually have no time to share my whereabouts. But since I have spare time in my hands (and because I miss doing a random blog post), here’s another Life Lately volume for you all tonight. 🙂

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    Life Lately | Volume 14

    It’s a Sunday. It’s 4:18 pm as I type this. Probably, it will be around a quarter to 5 by the time that I publish this. I can work but I refuse to, because when I need to, I hustle day in and day out for the entire work week, so I’ll give me my Sunday. I want to blog, but I don’t know what to write about. I don’t feel like going through my blog content plan just yet so I’m just publishing something completely random (and just so you all know my blog and I are still alive). Maybe this will just be another Life Lately blog post,…

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    Life Lately | Vol. 13

    I can’t believe it’s August already. I’ve hardly gone past July yet. Now we’re counting four months until Christmas Day. How did that happen?! But anyway, I’m not here to rant about how fast time flies. I’m here to share tidbits of my life lately and how August is going for me so far. 🙂