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    8 Things You Can Miss As A Freelancer

    Many times, I would start the day with a frown on my face and simply not be ready to work. Sometimes I would just feel so down and demotivated, and it would take me forever (sometimes the entire day) to pick myself up and actually do something productive on my laptop. Truth be told, freelancing is not that glamorous and fun like some people make it out to be (#coffeefix #workbythebeach #quickhangout, etc), and along the way, like with other jobs, you miss some things as a freelancer. After all, you can’t have the best of both worlds. Here’s what I personally miss and things you can miss as a freelancer. 

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    Cultivating Relationships in Freelancing: The Freelancer Fair

    Over the years that I’ve been freelancing (LOL, as if I’m a veteran already), I’ve shared some tips and techniques to survive in the freelancing world. I’ve also laid the common pros and cons on the table for those who are thinking of entering freelancing but are not sure what’s in store for them. It’s easy to say that freelancing is chill because you can basically work anywhere – in your house, in a coffee shop, in a park, even on vacation.  But that’s just one of the perks of freelancing. When it comes to the cons, they could be as plentiful. One hurdle for freelancers is finding good clients.…