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    How I Became A Fitness Ambassadress Feat. Fit Access PH

    The gym is my safe haven. It’s where I go when I have too many toxic thoughts floating in my head. It’s where I go when I doubt myself but persevere to prove those doubts wrong.  The gym is my happy place, suffice to say. Likewise, I find joy in being an inspiration for others. I find satisfaction in people’s comments that I helped them, that I continue to inspire them, that they started working out because of me. Me. Like, for real? When I started working out some years back, when I was in 3rd-year college, specifically, I didn’t see myself being a “fitspiration” to anybody. Good Lord, I…

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    Gym Gear Essentials: What To Wear During Your Workout

    Following my recent blog posts on  5 gym equipment you should invest in, and alternative gym equipment for your home workout, I’m publishing a relevant topic. This time, let’s focus on gym gear, clothes, and accessories. I don’t want to leave you hanging so call this a 3-part blog post if you may, but it’s also relatively important to be mindful of what you wear in the gym.  I actually wrote a snippet about this a year ago because I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing proper attire. If not for the dress code, at least do it to allow more mobility and for you to perform at your…

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    My First Ever Boxing Experience

    Over the past week, I’ve been trying my hands on boxing – literally.  Kickboxing was something that I incorporated into my workout program some years ago because I loved the hype it brought me every time. It was the perfect mix of cardio and strength training for me. Although it didn’t really make me lift weights, it was enough to test my endurance and fitness. Kickboxing makes me pant like crazy especially if it’s a workout video by Jillian Michaels!  I never really thought I’d give boxing a shot until now. Anyway, kickboxing is different from boxing.  On the other hand, my boyfriend is a huge fan of boxing. He…

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    Alternative Gym Equipment For Your Home Workout

    Previously, I talked about 5  gym equipment you should invest in for your home workouts. It’s a lengthy list, but I sure hope you learned something from it! If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here. Now you might be looking at it and shaking your head. “No, that’s not what I really need. Any other  options for me?”  Well, you’re in luck because I do. While those are already the most basic gym equipment you can get, you still might not be satisfied. I take the challenge.  While I know you can always work out at home, I know there are also limits to buying…

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    Home Workout: 5 Gym Equipment To Invest In

    If you follow me on my social media accounts, you’ve probably already noticed that I’m currently on a workout hype. My behavior lies on both ends of the spectrum – on either extremes.  It’s either a NO or GO for me. Sometimes I get really down and not workout for weeks. But there are days that I live and breathe working out. Right now, I’m in the second mode. I always share my workouts on my social media accounts because I know how it feels to be so clueless about exercises. I once started that way, too, even ignoring the dumbbells as much as I could for fear of looking…

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    Eight Basic Exercises You Can Do At Home

    “You don’t have to be great to start; you just have to start to be great.” I’m an advocate of a fit lifestyle. Noticed how I ditched “healthy” from “healthy and fit lifestyle”? Hint: DQ Blizzard is my weakness. But more often than not, I feel like a fraud. How can I be an advocate of that if I barely workout? If I constantly rely on motivation to keep me moving? What if there’s no motivation? What if there was no one to constantly push me to be better? Then I will most likely remain stagnant, right? I don’t want that. No one wants that ever for himself. But no…

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    10 Random Fitness Facts About Me

    I know I’m a blabbermouth on social media and on my blog, but I feel like I’m limiting the things I share. Not that I have to share every single thing that’s happening in my life, but I feel like I have this duty to allow my readers to know me better. A couple of days ago, @thefitpinay tagged me on an Instagram photo so I’m thanking her in the form of this “10 random facts about me” list.