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    Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Your Last Minute Shopping

    A few weeks from now, everyone will be celebrating Christmas. Feasts laid all over the table, gifts under the Christmas trees, the titos and titas catching up, and kids running around. It’s the typical scenario. But have you found the perfect gifts for your loved ones yet? I know most of us love Christmas shopping, but there are some that also love delaying shopping & buying gifts at the last minute. Are you a diligent gifter? Or a crammer? Whether you’re already 90% complete with your lists or are just about to shop (panic mode: on), here are some nice budget-friendly Christmas gifts for your last minute shopping! 🙂

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    Photo Dump: #FergINePerpetuity

    A week ago, Jec and I attended his cousin’s wedding. It was so beautiful and all sorts endearing and worth remembering. I almost brought a DSLR to capture nice photos but decided against it at the last minute since it would be so heavy and post-processing SLR pictures don’t really sit well with me. I ended up using my phone, a one-year-old iPhone 6S. Despite some blurred shots (I had to really zoom in on some instances), I think I captured the essence of the event. I hope I did justice! 

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    #BaeTravels: Banaue Trip Day 3

    Hi, guys! I know I am already so behind on my Banaue blog posts, so let me make it up to you by writing this 3rd volume out of the 5. We spent five days in Banaue, so naturally, I would be writing 5 blog posts as well. On our third day, we woke up to the sun shining brightly at us, we had a hearty breakfast (mom’s choice), and then we went to Sagada for a quick trip. Ready for Day 3? Let’s go!

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    #BaeTravels: Banaue Trip Day 2

    So you’ve finally reached Day 2 of our Banaue trip. Well, good for you. But hang in there as I have more blog posts to follow. On Day 2, we woke up as early as 6:29 am. I was the last one to get down from the hut and they said that it was freezing outside so I wrapped myself in layers of jacket, bonnet, and hand gloves before getting out of the hut. True to their word, it was freezing cold.

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    #BaeTravels: Banaue Trip Day 1

    Hi, guys! I’m finally writing about our recent Banaue-Sagada trip, and I’m so excited because I have so much to share with you all! I’m gonna do a short disclaimer here and warn you that this is not my typical blog post wherein I take Instagrammable pictures and get so nitty-gritty with the layout and chronological order. What you’re about to see are just random shots I took (enhanced with VSCO app, of course) since I want to show you how we naturally spent our days sans the curated images. All in all, we spent 5 days in the North. We left even before dawn on Tuesday and went home…

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    The Beauty & The Bullies

    January 1, 2017 | Sunday  Earlier today, we went to my aunt’s house to celebrate New Year. As per usual, we had potluck food, some cooked at home, some delivered, played games, and exchanged stories. Also as per usual, we had fun. But I’m not here to tell you about that. I’m here to vent out on my frustrations on why my cousin is being bullied in her current school.

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    Swimming in Marikina

    Last Saturday, April 4, we went to Marikina and had a swimming party with the Dormiendo’s. There was so much food everywhere and plates of snacks kept coming in. They served rice, dishes, spaghetti, and there were also chips, ice-cream, and soda on the side. We brought plastic balls to be scattered all over the pool. Of course we can’t not use them to throw at each other. It was supposed to be a clan party but a lot of my aunts and uncles couldn’t come. It was still fun though. After months of not seeing other, I finally got to see my younger cousins Luis, Ella, Denise, and Kenji.…

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    Baguio City | Day 2

    March 22, 2015 The next day, I woke up pretty earlier than everyone else and the first thing I did was wake up my mother and greet her a happy birthday. Everyone else was still asleep so I opted to check my social media accounts first before to start my day, then I took a shower and accompanied mom for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Hill Station. There were six of us but only 2 free breakfast meals were given. Mom had the filipino breakfast while I had the country breakfast. I wasn’t able to take a photo of my plate (I know, always, always bring your phone with you)…