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    The Beauty & Chaos Of Devotion

    A couple of days have already passed by when I first laid eyes on the chaos and, at the same time, devotion that is the Feast of the Black Nazarene. The feeling still lingers although I’m sure it’s not a sepanx. A form, maybe, but more like the disbelief that I’ve finally seen this Feast with my own two eyes. To say that it was chaotic is an understatement. At one point, even Jec got nervous that something might happen because it was really wild in the crowd down there. We were already on the viewing deck of National Museum but somehow the devotees still found a way to go…

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    My First Traslacion Experience | #Traslacion2017

    In Jec’s words: In this area in Manila, January 9 is a concoction of religious activities, and the town’s aura of festivities as Quiapo happens to hold its town fiesta on the same day as the Black Nazarene’s Traslacion. So, you could see, the local townspeople, going with their respective celebrations at home – drinking, parlor games, karaoke sessions, and more merrymaking are being held, while the devotees, barefooted, with their dirty devotee Nazareno shirts on roaming around the town, too. You could see devotees resting, sleeping on the streets, the sidewalks, the gutters, while just a few meters away, videoke and drinking sessions, sometimes with local live bands could…

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    Finding Purpose in Discontent

    thunderpopcola: There are days when work is simply tolerable, days when it is purposeless, days when it fills your heart – no matter what job you have, it happens. Growing up and taking responsibility for your life and your everyday choices means understanding that you cannot always find joy in what you do. Some days, you will be left with an intense desire to just give up altogether, quit, and leave. After all, this is your life.

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    I Am Worth More Than Many Sparrows

    Ever since I can remember, I’ve had difficulty figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I was always so clueless as to what career I’d pursue or what field I wanted to excel in. Almost all of my classmates knew what they wanted, I always thought I could just go with the flow and cross the bridge when I get there, but I did not know it would be that hard and that it would put a lot of pressure on me.

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    Dear Bae,

    Years ago, you didn’t worry so much about life. You were not exactly care-free but you just did what you have to do. You were not a straight A student, but Lord knows you tried your best. You didn’t get a degree with the course you wanted but you sucked it up and fought anyway, even when you felt you were fighting alone. Tracking grades wasn’t exactly your thing, and you were a little stubborn in college as well. All those years, you felt so alone. You thought nobody else was fighting the same battle because it seemed like everybody had their lives figured out. They had goals, you didn’t.…

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    Soaring: Going from where you are to where you want to be

    Today, mama, tita Elsie, and I went to Greenhills Christian Fellowship for a woman fellowship talk/seminar, Soaring: Your life journey by design. We went there just in time for registration and the first thing I noticed were women mingling around and having small talks. It seemed like they’ve known each other for quite some time now, judging from how they talk and what they talk about. Admittedly, I felt awkward as first. I haven’t been out of the house for a long time now and being in a place swarmed with women just felt so overwhelming. Being an introvert, it wasn’t too much work for me to stay in one…

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    A prayer

    thunderpopcola: Today, you are 22. In a few years, you will be reading this again and laughing with tears in your eyes. – You are restless, exhausted, yet hopeful. For a future that blossoms with infinite possibilities. It may be too tiresome, but you were made to dream. Every aching atom in your fragile body cries out for a promise that is solely yours. Please forgive yourself.