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Budget Self-Love Dates For Introverts


Bae Milanes

Bae is a 20-something passion blogger from Manila. She likes hoarding hobbies and trying out new stuff, blogging about her mundane adventures, and tweeting about random realizations and musings.

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More often than not, our minds need a break without us knowing. We shrug off our stress – whether internal or external – and go back to our business. But when the worst happens – like a major mental breakdown you didn’t see coming – you need to take a break from your routine and face the elephant in the room.

When we experience some sort of mental distress, it’s almost always unexpected. And we don’t always have the budget to blow to take care of ourselves. So we just sulk and feel bad for being broke human beings. 

But upon holding my own self-love dates, I realized one major thing: self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. There are ways you can “treat yourself” without breaking the bank. And so I approached Karla of The Wise Lark if she’s up for a collaborative blog post. 

So today, we present you: Budget Self-Love Dates For Introverts. 🙂

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