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    My Bucket List (100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die)

    By now, you’re probably already bored of my travel blog posts. I do apologize, but I’m just the kind of person who makes a series out of everything. I like slicing the events of my life into chewable days so they’re not all one time, big time. Anyway, let me do something different today. I want to share with you my very own Bucket List. Actually, now, I wrote it down clearly saying it’s the “List of 100 things I want to do before I die”, but that’s about the same thing, right? I don’t have the 100 items on my list yet. I’m working on them, though. 🙂 I…

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    About Last Saturday Night: Kimukatsu x URBN

    I can’t stop thinking about last Saturday night. I still have this club vibe lingering in my system and focusing on writing about travel articles is the last thing I can or want to do. I didn’t know partying would bring this ecstatic feeling to me because I have always been a self-proclaimed #TitaOfManila and was always easy to find club goers distasteful. I can’t stop thinking about last Saturday night so I’m just going to write about it and blurt out the juicy details. God forbid someone who’s not supposed to read this.