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    Brain Pickings | Vol. 7

    PHOTO SOURCE I get to accomplish so much without any Wi-Fi connection. That’s real and, as kids say, LIT AF. I’m one of those people who easily get hypnotized when there’s a strong Internet connection nearby. While I only need to upload this photo, I end up checking this celebrity’s account, watching a song cover on Youtube, scrolling endlessly on Twitter, looking up interesting hashtags, and so on.. all while forgetting to upload that photo – the main reason I unlocked my phone in the first place. Are you like me?

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    Brain Pickings | Vol. 6

    I’ve been catching up on reading lately. In line with that, I’d like to share some of these wonderful articles I across online. In case you don’t have it in your phones and computers yet, I suggest that you get the Pocket app. It’s really useful for reading articles on the go. It’s especially helpful for me because I don’t have data on my phone. Since I save articles on my Pocket app all the time, I have something to read in case I get bored when I’m out. You can also use this app to bookmark articles that you want to read later, not necessarily when you’re going offline.…

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    Brain Pickings | Vol. 5

    I’m itching to edit my Halloween Event vlog, but I haven’t transferred the photos and videos yet. Isn’t it funny how the world just messes with you just when you’re about to do something? Anyway, I’m itching to write another blog post, basically. I just want to create something new. Vlog’s out, so I’m just doing another Brain Pickings volume tonight instead. Anyway, my list is piling up. It’s about time to share what I’ve been reading lately.

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    Brain Pickings | Volume 4

    My list is growing big and I need (and want) to share some of the articles on the blog, since there’s no use copying these links if I just keep them to myself, right? Sharing is caring, so let me share with you some good reads I found while distracting myself online. You’re welcome. Feel Good, Casual Reads Your anxiety might be killing you, but it’s actually just lying to you. Plumpness, happiness, and gratitude all rolled into one beautiful letter. (This may or may not have tugged at my heartstrings a little bit too strong) Life is happy, make it simple. But first, make it organized. Small changes go…

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    Filed under: Brain Pickings | Jimbo on Writing

    This will be a quick blog post. I woke up, showered, and prepared my things for work. I opened my Internet browser and went on Facebook. I saw this post by Jimbo, as fans know him by, but his real name is Mark Alexander Cuenco. I had a huge crush on him since I discovered his Twitter account (even before he was interviewed for having sexually provocative tweets) and fell in love with his words. But not just that, I’m in love with his talent, with his passion, with his sense of who he is. Now I find this post of his very timely as I struggle and, at the same…

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    Brain Pickings: Online Articles I Love

    Ahh, Friday. Once upon a time, there was this girl who promised herself to let nothing in but good vibes every Friday of every week. That would be me. But guess who’s feeling down in the dumps at the moment? That would also be me. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post on my 23rd birthday, which my family and I celebrated in a lovely resort, but I couldn’t find the time to sit down, edit the photos, and pull a long, photo-heavy blog post for you. But don’t worry, it will be worth the wait! All I can say is that the place is amazing and every corner…