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    About The Bae Blogs

    The “About Me” section of every blog is a challenge to write. What should the author reveal about himself? Should he keep it short and straight to the point or paragraphs long? Should his blog posts speak be enough to for himself or writing a listicle of 20 random things about him would most likely make every new reader stay on his blog a little longer and eventually make them constant readers? I think I’ve already tried it all. So for a change, I’m writing this “About Me” with my blog’s perspective. This is about The Bae Blogs. I started blogging in 2000, if I’m not mistaken. I can look…

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    My Blogging Tools and Essentials

    Of all people who can/should write this, I feel that I have the least right, but after watching too many episodes, I eventually got tired of Orange is the New Black and decided to type for a change. I know I’ve posted too many mini-blogs earlier this morning, but I feel like doing one more for the day. I browsed through my blog post ideas and looked for one that didn’t require much effort and felt like I was just telling a story to a friend while typing it down, and since I coincidentally don’t have much blogging tools and essentials, I opted for this one.