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    Simple Actions That Will Effectively Improve Your Blog

    Out of the years that I’ve been blogging (both casually and professionally), I’ve learned a lot of technical skills and hacks from various sources like friends, online articles, and reputable blogging experts/professional bloggers. Over time, I’ve also learned how to make my own blog better and how to cater to what my audience needs and to not just do what I want.  Now I want to pay it forward and share a couple of simple actions that will effectively improve your blog. Read on so you can apply them to your own blog ASAP!

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    How To Start A Blog: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

    A decade ago, blogging was easy. It was accessible, straightforward, and private. It was so private no one would know you blogged unless you told people so. And you’d most likely have only 3-5 readers at a time, nothing more like today’s readership/fan base.  Today, the blogosphere has been so saturated that anyone can claim that he’s a blogger. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! But alongside those who already know what they’re doing, there are some who are still confused and don’t know where to begin.  To the confused, this one’s for you. Allow me to share with you this beginner’s comprehensive guide on how to start a…

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    10 Things To Do When You Can’t Write A Blog Post

    Have you ever been in this situation where you stare at your laptop screen all day but no words come out? You want to blog but your mind just won’t function, your fingers won’t function. In other words, you feel that this is just going to be an uneventful day where you attempt to blog but fail. Sounds familiar?  You want to blog so badly, but can’t. And you’re almost going crazy from trying to figure out why. Honestly, I have the complete opposite problem. I have too many ideas, but out of practical reasons, I can’t write 3 blog posts in one day so I try to calm myself…

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    5 Things Most Bloggers Probably Love Hearing

    A few days ago, Da Dominguez of The Diary Queen wrote a blog post that really caught my attention. I read it as soon as I could because I was curious on what she had to say.  Basically, her blog post was about some things us bloggers are probably tired of hearing. And I couldn’t agree more with everything that she said. While I may not have a lot of readers as I would prefer, I sometimes get mocked for blogging, and I don’t get why? It’s just my hobby turned into a passion project. It’s like mocking someone who is passionate about video games and constantly telling them, “Naks,…

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    The Struggles of Blogging

    Some months ago, I set my heart on being a paid blogger. I thought that if others could do it, I could definitely, too, right? Wrong. It was harder than I thought. I wanted to pursue a career in blogging because I wanted to share tidbits of my life as well as the experiences, knowledge, and thoughts that I have. I wanted to have a voice that would make people aware of this and that. I wanted to share things, spread news, and connect with people. I didn’t know progressing (more like deteriorating) in this career meant being down and feeling lost for a long time (I still am). I wanted to…

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    Blogging: How To Survive In The Blogosphere

    Photo credit To disclaim, I am far from being a blogger. I know that there’s a huge difference between blogging out of passion and blogging for work. I’ve been blogging since I was about 13 or so, but usually just to repost pictures and vent out when I really need to. I even remember blogging in pure Filipino. Before that or simultaneous to that, I would write religiously on my “diary” and write about my raw emotions and how unfair everything is and the unfathomable truth that my crush doesn’t have a crush on me (I’m looking at you, Jonathan from YS-7 days). My first encounter with blogging per sé…