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    Events in Manila: Workshops to Build Your Confidence

    *** Writing – it’s way easier said than done. Having a writer’s block is hell yet having a good set of vocabulary may sometimes not be enough to call yourself a writer. Being able to write doesn’t automatically mean you’re already a writer, right? On the other hand, I know we’ve all had our business writing class in high school, but, let’s face it, not every one of us took it seriously. Remember those nights when you had to ask your mom to write a business letter for you because you just. can’t. do. it? Yep, I feel you! With all these technological advances at our disposal, they’re sometimes not…

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    How I Became A Fitness Ambassadress Feat. Fit Access PH

    The gym is my safe haven. It’s where I go when I have too many toxic thoughts floating in my head. It’s where I go when I doubt myself but persevere to prove those doubts wrong.  The gym is my happy place, suffice to say. Likewise, I find joy in being an inspiration for others. I find satisfaction in people’s comments that I helped them, that I continue to inspire them, that they started working out because of me. Me. Like, for real? When I started working out some years back, when I was in 3rd-year college, specifically, I didn’t see myself being a “fitspiration” to anybody. Good Lord, I…

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    Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Silent Burden

    Here’s something we seldom talk about but should – sex. But I’m not talking about just sex. I’m talking about love making, relationships, real orgasm, and sexual health. March is women’s month, and I think it’s timely that we talk about things concerning women. Our country is starting to talk openly about menstruation (thank heavens, we’re finally catching up with other countries!). Other than that, another subject that seems so taboo (still) but shouldn’t be is, you guessed it, S-E-X. So, yeah, let’s talk about sex, baby.

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    The Perfect Scented Candle For “Millennial Titas”

    Have you ever heard of the term “millennial tita?” If you’re a part of this category, then I feel you. Otherwise, here’s a little something about these millennial titas. They are the women who were born as the last generation in the 20th century but behave like they are already titas (aunts) in their own ways. These are the women who are typically in their 20’s but behave like they’re older. Ever heard of old souls? They’re somewhat like that. Millennial titas are the ones who stay at home on a Friday night while the rest of their colleagues party the night away. They love frequenting the home appliances section…

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    Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students @ SM North, The Block Atrium

    Last Sunday, January 15, I attended an event at SM North, The Block that showcased the numerous Chinese plates and scrolls that were hand painted by various artists from the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students. Looking at the plates and scrolls with intricate Chinese paintings, you would think that the Chan Lim family are well-versed in the artistic field. You would be surprised to know that none of them are art degree holders.

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    Unionbank Hackathon 3.0 | Pre-Hack Concert

    Last Friday, November 25, my brother, Mari of Mari Milanes Photography, and I were invited to cover the U:Hac Pre-Concert Hackathon Event at PBA Cafe in Pasig. Ultimately, the goal was to announce what will happen on the event itself, which was held last November 26-27, as well as the prizes, mechanics, and other coverages of the event such as the topics the hackers can cover in their apps. It was a fun event, to say the least. Everyone was in a light mood despite the traffic jam, the sudden rain, and it being a Friday night. After all the technical talks, jokes to lighten up the mood included, all…

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    Practical Tips To Prevent Acne Breakouts

    If there’s one thing I hate about my skin, it’s that I’m acne-prone. I have an oily face, too, so it’s a bad combination, really. Aside from it looking not so great, it also messes up with my confidence and beauty. Really, there are days that I don’t want to go out of the house because of my giant acnes. To add insult to injury, I am also a face picker! I pick my face when I’m stressed or anxious. I pick my face when I feel I’m about to grow a pimple. I even pick my face when an acne is about to heal because it means I have…

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    Invitation: Escolta Block Party! ✌???

    Hi, guys! As you know, I have been exploring Manila lately and boy am I learning something new each time. You may think that there is nothing new to see in this urban jungle except for crowded malls and hip coffee shops here and there, but to be honest, there is so much to see and explore. Manila has a lot to offer – you just have to be keen. Aside from the famous Rizal Park and Roxas Boulevard, there is Escolta, which used to be how Makati is currently. Now it looks devastated and abandoned, although there are still shops and business around, it is nothing like its past…