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    Life Lately | Vol. 10

    I just finished my 7-3 job and I was planning to take a shower before proceeding with job #2, but in between washing dishes, I realised that I haven’t done a Life Lately blog post recently (which some of my dear readers have mentioned they like), and there are some life updates I could write down now on a whim.

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    Magic Monday | Vol. 7

    Welcome to Magic Monday, a blog series where we list all things nice and worth looking forward to for the week. This blog series aims to uplift dazed spirits, especially on a Monday morning – a friendly reminder that not all Mondays should be hectic and that it can bring a little magic to your week if you let it.

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    The Sunday Currently | Vol. 11

    Wow, this is unbelievable. Had I not blogged Life Lately last night, I wouldn’t have had anything in between my TSC series. This is ridiculous. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for – I better dust off my drafts and work on my blog posts. But because I have a lot of feelings tonight, let’s rush into this TSC Vol. 11 before my laptop dies on me. 

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    Life Lately | Vol. 9

    There are too many things that are bugging me lately so I thought that maybe it’s the right time to do another Life Lately volume. Earlier this evening, I tricked myself into believing again that maybe I could go out and hang out somewhere to try and brush up my socialising skills. But that plan vanished into thin air when I realised that my calves are killing me from my workout yesterday and the fact that I was still working won’t speed up the process, seeing that I keep distracting myself with EDM and party anthems. 

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    The Sunday Currently, Vol. 8

    I still can’t believe how great my Saturday night with Nikki turned out to be. I’m itching to write about it and give a blow by blow account of our mini albeit impactful adventure, but I’m not yet ready to get so detailed about it and I somehow want to keep the juicy bits to myself. With that, I’m just going to do a The Sunday Currently volume and maybe I can include some tidbits about my Saturday night as well. Wait, scratch that, I’m going to talk about nothing but my Saturday night. Reading Remembering/Rethinking EDSA (Edited by JPaul S. Manzanilla and Caroline S. Hau) and some articles off the…

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    Life Lately, Vol. 8

    First of all, I should be working right now. Okay, I was working earlier until I got a blog itch. This is nothing too heavy but I told myself I want to write a blog post this weekend – anything just to get the ball rolling. I have a few drafts, but I’m not in the mood to continue, polish, and publish them. It just doesn’t feel like the right time yet. It’s not yet the weekend, but I’m already writing this down because I feel it’s going to be a crazy weekend. So, life lately has been a roller coaster ride. PS, I’m going to take this Life Lately post…

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    The Sunday Currently | Vol. 7

    It’s a few minutes past 10 PM as I type this and I’m not yet even preparing for bed because I want to cherish what happened today, but instead of doing a day blog post, I just decided to share some things about my day in another The Sunday Currently volume. Reading Remembering/Rethinking EDSA (Edited by JPaul S. Manzanilla and Caroline S. Hau) Writing The Sunday Currently, a Pinterest article for a freelance work, and some drafts in my blog post. 😀 Listening To Jason Derulo’s Want To Want Me. WHY AM I SO IN LOVE WITH J. DERULO YOU GUYS <3 Thinking How life is much happier when you surround yourself…