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    I’M GOING NUDE: Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

    After weeks of pondering on whether I deserve another beauty haul or not, and what items should I get, I took the bait and went for it. I’m currently on the search for the good nude lipsticks, preferably those that lean on the browns and clay colors. I recently got Maybelline’s Creamy Brown Nude in Clay Crush and I really like the color, but my mom liked it and asked it from me. I really hope she uses it because it’s one of my favorite shades to date and if I see it lying just around, I won’t have second thoughts getting it back. I’m that kind of daughter. Anyway,…

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    NYX Soft Matte + Lingerie: Swatches and Review

    READ: THESE ARE NOT AUTHENTIC NYX PRODUCTS.  Last July 19, I wrote a blog post on my latest makeup and skincare haul, which included four NYX lipsticks, two in soft matte, and two more in Lingerie. And since I’ve tried every one of them already, I’m here to write about them. Of the four, I’ve used the soft matte liquid lipsticks the most because they’re the most convenient colors. But if you want to try a greige makeup look, I wrote a tutorial wearing the NYX Lingerie in Embellishment. Read tutorial here.

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    Kiehl’s Product Review

    I’ve been using these products for almost a month now, since July 17, and I’m ready to drop a product review on them. But here are some things you need to know about me first: I have an extremely oily skin. My face usually starts to shimmer 10 minutes after I apply my makeup. I have acne-prone and sensitive skin. I can easily get pimples from using a dirty makeup brush, from sleeping on a dirty pillowcase, or simply when I wear makeup the entire day. So sleeping with makeup on is a big no-no for me. I work from home so I rarely go out. That said, I usually…

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    Makeup & Skincare Haul: Intro

    I feel iffy whenever I start drafting a blog post on beauty. I love makeup and all, but it just doesn’t scream me, and I know it’s a part of my life, but it’s not something I want to write passionately about. I feel weird about this, period. Awkwardness aside, I haven’t fully used these products yet but I recently got a makeup and skincare haul and I want to share it here and write a review on them later on. The reviews might take a while so here’s a quick introduction of the products.

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    Greige Makeup Tutorial

    Greige: a color between beige and gray Last Sunday, I found myself in a vulnerable situation. I was standing in the middle of the Department Store, specifically in the makeup section, with NYX beside me and Sleek a few feet away. Those were the top two brands I was looking for and I grew ecstatic as I saw the huge line-up of lipsticks that I only used to ogle online and wish I could try because of all the hype. I was on an itch to try Sleek because of the awesome reviews and NYX’s Lingerie line because the colors are just downright to die for. I mean, it has,…

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    Me, Myself, and Love: Discovering Your Own Path to Self Love

    Last February 27, right when I was ready to turn it down, Stacy of the former Plump Pinay blog turned PLUMP Magazine convinced me enough to go to their first talk on self-love with guest speakers Katrina Gumabao, Julianne Tarroja, Rona Samson-Tai, and, of course, Danah Gutierrez (Stacy’s twin). The event was hosted by Nikki Veron Cruz, who was very cute and pretty in person, by the way. The venue, 110 A Space, Legaspi St., Makati, is right across Greenbelt 5’s entrance (with the huge sign of Zara), so it’s pretty easy to find. I thought I’d have to walk long but it’s literally just across the street. Anyway, I’ve…

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    Product Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Line

    I was dubious about this product line. You will know later why. So before I decided to this product review, I Google-ed more about tea tree extract itself to know for myself if it’s really scientifically proven to help heal pimples and the like. Here’s Huffingpost Style’s say on it,

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    I Bought My First Mac Lipstick

    Some people would say I’m good at doing faces, the makeup kind of face. Most of my friends would come to me at the last minute before an event, to have a little something something on their face. Sure, I like makeup, but as much as I do, it’s so ironic that I’m not very good at it.